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President Epeli’s crocodile tears

December 21, 2013


Fijivillage reported that hundreds of people from all walks of life attended the national memorial service for the late former South African President, Mr Nelson Mandela at the Centenary Church in Suva.

Mr Nelson Mandela is a truly great leader.  A man who refused to accept injustice. His courage helped make our world a much better place and he was also a beacon of inspiration and hope to people all over the world who are fighting for freedom, for justice and for an end to discrimination.

So its rather distasteful and insulting that Fiji’s treasonous, illegal, corrupt and drunkard President, Ratu Epeli Nailatikau, should be speaking at Nelson Mandela’s  Memorial. Especially as Ratu Epeli Nailatikau, from the island of Bau, represents the evil that Mr Nelson Mandela stood against.

Its was also insulting to hear Ratu Epeli remind all Fijians of their own path under the new and illegal two-person Constitution, which was not endorsed or accepted by the people of Fiji.

Ratu Epeli attempts to trick the people by reminding them of Nelson Mandela’s words and telling them to embrace Mandela’s way of thinking [forgiveness]  if the people are to build a nation that is more just, more equal, and more united under the brutal, corrupt and oppressive bainimarama dictatorship that is holding Fiji hostage!  This is an insult to Nelson Mandela’s legacy and memory!

Forgiveness MUST NOT be considered while bainimarama and his puppet master khaiyum and their military goons continue to threaten, intimidate, beat and torture people. And especially not while there exists:

  • no rule of law,
  • no freedom of the press
  • no freedom of speech
  • no publication of the Auditor General’s reports
  • illegal decrees
  • fear and intimidation
  • and a long list of other khaiyum and bainimarama nasties.

Ratu Epeli [a Fijian Chief] is attempting to use the legacy and memory of Nelson Mandela to trick the people in to supporting the baini-khaiyum dictatorship, which is what Nelson Mandela fought against.  This is a low-down trick!

The treasonous chief and illegal president stressed that discrimination and inequality of any kind no longer have a place in Fiji, just as they no longer have a place in South Africa.Bullshit!  Ratu Epeli Nailatikau and the baini-khaiyum dictatorship are actively discriminating against the indigenous Fijian people – the removal of the Great Council of Chiefs, removal of the leaders of the Methodist Church and elected members of the Fijian councils, attacking the Fijian race by reclassifying them as i-Taukei (an owner of something/ anything), attacking the indigenous way of life and actively trying to steal their lands.   This includes Ratu Epeli’s own people…… it must be a Bauan thing!

The treasonous President also said for Fiji to move into a new era by everyone committing themselves to following the path lit by Madiba.  We support his because Madiba, Nelson Mandela, REFUSED TO ACCEPT INJUSTICE.  His courage helped to defeat apartheid and tyranny so the people of Fiji and warriors MUST RISE UP and follow in Mandela’s example against the corrupt and brutal baini-khaiyum dictatorship.

Source – TFF; Posted by Rusi Varani for SWM
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