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Dictator: If you’re unemployed, forget Parliament

December 12, 2013


While opening the 15th illegal Attorney-General’s Conference Fiji’s dictator, Bainimarama, arrogantly said that People who can’t get a job elsewhere should not consider Parliament an option.  But Bainimarama is the cause of Fiji experiencing its highest levels of unemployment and the closure of small business!  It is all due to Bainimarama and Khaiyum’s greed, corruption, arrogance and mismanagement of the country and its economy.

Bainimarama said that “We certainly can’t have people joining Parliament because they can’t get a job elsewhere, which has been the case in Fiji in the past,”  BUT those people, employed or not, were elected by the people of Fiji to represent them.  Bainimarama has never been elected by the people of Fiji.  He used a gun, beatings and intimidation to overthrow the elected government.

By now Fiji and the world knows that Bainimarama staged the coup to prevent the police from arresting him for treason and murder.  Bainimarama would have certainly been sent to prison so he lied and schemed to manipulate the army into doing his evil bidding to overthrow government.  Bainimarama is certainly not the “type” of person or people we want joining Parliament because he will only lie, abuse his office, receive multiple salaries for work he does not do and continue stealing Fiji’s resources for his corrupt family and friends.

The dictator Bainimarama then says “We want to attract high quality candidates to political office and pay them well; a practice that has had a hugely beneficial impact on good governance in a country like Singapore,”  But the good governance applied in Singapore is a far cry from the reality and level of good governance currently being applied in Fiji by Khaiyum.  Khaiyum’s good governance involves corrupt deals, intimidation and theats, paying themselves multiple salaries, locking away the Auditor General’s report, dictatorship of public boards and government agencies, land theft, illegal decrees, nepotism and increasing unemployment for all Fijians while increasing employment of migrant Chinese workers, ruining the sugar industry and the name of Fiji, insulting the native Fijians and giving them another name – iTaukei, blaming others for their mistakes and stupidity and increasing Fij’s national debt to its highest level ever!

BUT the dictator is right when he says that “Being elected to Parliament does not give one the licence to no longer be accountable. On the contrary, we must demand even higher standards off our MPs to set the tone for the rest of the nation.”

So why is Bainimarama NOT following his advice?

Because that is all it is, just a lot of fancy empty words designed to fool the innocent people, and entice the uneducated “bakewas” who blindly sing the dictator’s praises.

The dictator also reiterated that Parliament needed to get elected and that, as stipulated in Khaiyum’s illegal 2013 Constitution, which was forced onto the people, they will have an election no later than September 30, 2014.  This is the big question.  Will there be elections in 2014?

Bainimarama and Khaiyum have too much to lose should they not win at the 2014 elections.  So what then?  Another coup — this is highly likely, otherwise these two criminals will go to prison and their new residence Naboro!  This scenario is exciting just thinking about it.  I can just imagine what qualifies as great dream for those CRW boys in Naboro prison!

Bainimarama and Khaiyum could also come up with some lame excuse to postpone the 2014 elections.  You CAN NOT and YOU MUST NOT let this happen!

It is paramount that all registered voters support the elections and turn out to vote. You must have your say and cast your vote on election day 2014.

If you do not cast your vote, then you will need to be content with a lifetime under a “legitimized” dictatorship.  In this case Bainimarama and khaiyum will be able to do whatever they want to you, whenever they want and however they want!  This could be for the next forty years or until the people decide to oppose them in a coup.  Like in Libya, where their dictator was finally dragged out from a drain, beaten-up and shot dead.  Only a year earlier, citizens were too afraid to openly voice their objections to the brutal Colonel Gadhafi dictatorship.  But the dictator was overthrown, dying and screaming for his life.  Other dictators were also toppled.

But in Fiji the dictator says that there were international experts now working with the Elections Office to help his illegal Government avoid some of the deficiencies of the last election in terms of logistics and other discrepancies.

A similar pattern of events also occurred around previous promises for elections.  The pattern also reoccurred around Prof Yash Ghai and Prof Christina Murray. Two world experts at drafting constitutions. They too worked to help Government avoid some of the deficiencies of developing a people’s constitution in terms of brain power and intelligence, knowledge and experience, integrity, transparency, best practice and a lot of other discrepancies.

BUT in the end Bainimarama and Khaiyum rejected the Prof Ghai draft constitution and created their own claiming it was by the people.  Bullshit!  It was by only two people – Bainimarama and khaiyum and NOT the people of Fiji.

But their action revealed their true intent, which is filled with plans to retain power and control over Fiji and its resources, giving themselves immunity from prosecution for all their crimes that include treason, sedition, murder, torture, corruption and land theft.

And now the evil pattern is repeating around the 2014 elections! …………..

Source – Truth for Fiji; Posted by Rusi Varani for SWM
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