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Third time lucky for Fiji Airways?

November 8, 2013


Troubled Fiji Airways gets a third flash plane but operations continue to be less than average.

Dave Pflieger may have left the national carrier in haste but his legacy lives on in the number of huge blunders and decisions that has brought Air Pacific trading as Fiji Airways almost to its knees.
As news spread through the local media and trumpeted with much fanfare that we own the 3 Airbus A330s, it has since been revealed that the ridiculously overpriced priced aircraft are on loan from a company called Waqavuka Financing.
News of another big blunder has just surfaced.
Sources within the airline have revealed that our local pilots and engineers were right all along – the Airbuses do not have the ability or capacity to carry passengers and cargo to Los Angeles.
Since Fiji Airways began servicing the Nadi-LAX route, utilizing the AS-330s from August this year, it has also had to push cargo through Air New Zealand.
In fact, business has been so brisk for Air NZ that they have upgraded their aircraft from a Boeing 767 to a B747 aircraft, just to ferry Fiji Airways cargo that cannot be taken on the ‘brand new’ A330s!
The added cost, of course, is borne by our exporters.
Source – C4.5; Posted by Rusi Varani for SWM
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