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Qase lialia’s, daydreamers and Men of Destiny gun it out for Fiji votes

October 22, 2013

The lifting of the curtain today on a number of charades in

Coup Coup Land, or what is becoming more like Cuckoo Land, thanks to stage managing by regime cohorts.

Geriatric businessman Jim Ah Khoi has been rolled out by the military dictatorship organ, the Fiji Sun, in a curious story which has him declaring support for the coup leader using a fictitious literary figure, Walter Mitty, to rubbish the Opposition.

Ak Khoi: election contender.

Ah Khoi tells the Sun he’s not the sort to follow the Walter Mitty’s of the world: in a well-loved American story, the character, Mitty, was known for being meek but fantasizing about grand adventures that made him a hero.

Bloggers have already pulled the curtain on Ah Khoi’s shabby record as a government minister and businessman but what of the Fiji Sun’s political stories: are they really being penned by its journalists (the Ah Khoi piece was bylined Rosi Doviverata) or ghost written by spin doctors and gurus, such as Graham Davis?

In a reference that is surely over the head of many Fiji people, 78 year old Ah Khoi describes coup leader Frank Bainimarama as a ‘Man of Destiny’ saying he backs him and would side with him, or stand as an independent, rather than throw his lot in with a ‘Walter Mitty’ any day.

Ah Khoi doesn’t name these ‘daydreamers’ but it sounds like a general dismissal of all of the Opposition.

He says: “My observation of the political and economic scene in Fiji today has led me to believe that the Prime Minister is God’s appointed man for this hour in Fiji’s history. He is therefore in my humble view ‘A Man of Destiny’, a MOD.”

Ah Khoi insists “Frank’s got it right” and “by sheer hard work, and determination he and his party will romp in the next general election.”

Why?: “Look at what he has achieved and done for the masses and Fiji. New roads in villages and urban areas, new schools and updates, water supply and water tanks in villages, opening the interiors of Viti Levu, Vanua Levu, Kadavu and other maritime provinces so that economic activities can happen.

“He abolished the BLV unopposed, he allowed the distribution of lease money to every member whose birthright entitled them to that lease money.

“He created a land bank so unused native lands can be invested to earn lease money. There is so much more that he has done that no other PM has done since independence. I suggest voters look at the fruit of Frank’s hands, symbolic of what he has done, when it comes to poll day.”

In more convenient electioneering to help Bainimarama’s chances, Ah Khoi dismisses SODELPA but concedes a coalition with the National Federation Party and the Labour Party ‘is a very real threat.’

The military dictatorship is certainly forging ahead with its election plans. The acting permanent secretary for the elections, Mohammed Saneem, arrived in Auckland on Sunday and a team from the election office is ready to register offshore voters at a number of venues in Auckland and Wellington from October 23rd to the 31st.

On the home front the provisional rolls are not being made available to the public let alone the more than 550,000 people the regime says it has enrolled.

Bainimarama insists his new Constitution will introduce ‘overdue democratic principles’ and will alleviate concerns.

Saneem: NZ enrolment.

But concerns remain about the Constitution, despite it being promulgated weeks ago.

Two of the country’s powerful chiefs, Ro Teimumu Kepa and Naiqama Lalabalavu, have renewed theirs calls for the international community to wake up to the shenanigans.

They say: “Like the “Peoples Charter” that has gone before it, this edited version was taken around the public under a well orchestrated and controlled media to create the impression to the international community that the Public has been widely consulted and has consented to it, when in truth it has not done so.

“This constitution, in all objectivity, is designed to keep the perpetrators of the 2006 coup and their advisers from accounting for their unlawful actions in removing a democratically elected government.” (see C4.5 Facebook for the Chief’s full statement and debate.)

In another charade, the acting police commissioner Ravi Narayan is investigating why so few police turned out for the third quarterly parade last week, forcing it to be called off. Some 700 were supposed to front. Leaks to C4.5 show there is ongoing lack of confidence in the hierarchy even with Iowane Naivalurura gone and Narayan stepping up.

Still, $42,000 has been spent on six new radar speed guns for police – to allow officers to get ‘tough with drivers’ during the Christmas period ‘to avoid fatalities’.

All six of the radar guns are already in use as of last night.

Now tell us who are playing at being heroes.


 Source – C4.5; Posted by Rusi Varani for SWM


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