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Aussie Fijians to burn regime Constitution

September 27, 2013

Chiefs: Threat to regime so they had to go

A taste of their own medicine.

Members of the Fiji democracy movement in Australia will be at the Canberra Fiji Embassy this morning to send a message to the Bainimarama government: we don’t support your Constitution.

The movement has been given permission by Australian authorities to stage the burning of the recently promulgated Constitution as a protest against the way it was foisted on people after the regime ditched the one that was being prepared by a Commission led by Kenyan expert, Yash Ghai.

Bloggers will remember how in January the regime sent police to where

Ghai: Draft was a threat so was ditched.

the Constitution was being printed, confiscated copies and burnt some of them in front of Ghai.

The New South Wales president of FDFM, Usaia Waqatairewa, says today’s demonstration will reinforce what many already know: the Constitution ‘is a lie.’

“We are here today to burn into history this fraud of a Constitution which denies individuals their rights and does not guarantee the rights of Fiji land owners are protected.”

There is particular concern with the dis-establishment of the Great Council of Chiefs, the repression of the Methodist Church and overhauling of the laws of communally owned land without consultation with traditional landowners.

Methodist Church: Threat so had to be shut down

“The Constitution is being unilaterally imposed on our people. it is tailored to perpetuate the illegal and dictatorial rule of the Bainimarama/Khaiyum consortium and to protect them from the law for their treasonous activities.

“They don’t have a right to be putting together a Constituion because they illegal, they came to power at the barrel of a gun – they do not have any kind of mandate from the people.”

The Fiji Democracy and Freedom movement secured permission for the burning with the following letter:

To whom it may concern,

My name is Suliasi Daunitutu and I am writing this letter to you as anapplication to light a controlled fire on the 27th of this month. We the Fiji Democracy and Freedom Movement (FDFM) are staging a protest at the Fijian High Commission at 9 Beale Crescent, Deakin on the above mentioned date.

I have spoken to the Federal Police about the intention of burning the new Fiji Constitution which is widely condemned as a document that wasn’t produced with basic democratic principles such as consultation with the people of Fiji. In other words, this document is not accepted by Fijians at home and abroad.

In my conversation with the police (FP) they have mentioned that I get approval through NCA by anapplication which I am doing here. I have also mentioned to police that we intend to conduct the burning as a sign of our disgust, disapproval and condemnation of a document that was forced upon the Fijian people by only a few Regime lackies, the illegal AG and illegal PM.

We intend to burn this document having all the neccesary safety precautions in place like a drum, to place burned paper into and fire extinguishers in place and if necessary warn the Fire Department of our intentions. We want to give our message full exposure and maximum impact through this form of protest and we hope that it can be viewed likewise by your department.

I will also CC the FP officers this message to confirm that I aim to fulfil my intentions and duty to Fiji but remain within the Australian Law  to which I am bound as a resident.

Vinaka vakalevu (Thank you)

Suliasi Daunitutu.

Source – C4.5; Posted by Rusi Varani for SWM
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