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Racism allegation shows Bainimarama Constitution full of false bravado

September 19, 2013

Biu Matavou: accused of racism.

Fiji’s Police Commissioner Iowane Naivalurua has swept under the carpet a blatant case of racism that should have warranted immediate discplinary action or even dismissal of one of his assistant commissioners.

The incident involves assistant police commissioner Biu Matavou in an off-duty incident where he is accused of making a racist comment to a junior officer, contrary to Police Standing Orders and Fiji’s new constitution that is being widely publicized and hailed by the illegal regime.
Matavou was driving on the highway at Koronivia in Nausori two weeks ago when a constable in a police vehicle and on-duty, overtook his private vehicle.
Biu was with his wife and chased and stopped the van.
Coupfourpointfive has been told he walked up to the Constable in the driver’s seat and said: “Is this the way to drive, you fucken Indian”.
Naivalurua: ignored report.

The Constable and two other officers were shocked at the insult and on arrival at the Central Police Station, the constable consulted his superior and then proceeded to lodge an official complaint against Matavou.

We have been told the report has been treated by CPS as a simple case of annoying the modesty of a person, yet the words uttered by the senior police office are in total contrast to what Frank Bainimarama’s new constitution is preaching.
All Fiji citizens are supposed to be called ‘Fijians’ now and the racial conduct of ACP Biu Matavou suggests race relations will not change in Fiji overnight.
Matavou is still at work and it’s unclear what will happen to the report that was lodged against him.



Source – Coupfourpointfive; Posted by Rusi Varani for SWM


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