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Pay rise shocker for Fiji regime hierarchy days before new Constitution

September 13, 2013


Cash in pockets: a pay off for endorsing the illegal Constitution?

A huge pay rise for the regime’s permanent secretaries, granted just a few days before it promulgated its 2013 Constitution, to replace the one it abrogated in 1997.

The timing suggests the pay increases, some of them at 192.5 per cent, are to keep them loyal to the illegal regime.

As noted previously, the salaries the regime keeps giving itself are unjustified and lack transparency.

The pay rises were cited by the Fiji Trade Union Congress a few days ago, and a sourced to a Price Waterhouse Coopers salary assessment report.

C4.5 have since acquired a notice from the Public Service Commission to all permanent secretaries, dated August 29 that talks of temporary contracts and annual leave to be paid at their current base salary. (see attachment)

The new salaries and the annual leave was scheduled to start September 1.

The highest paid in the regime hierarchy at $221,894 are listed in the FTUC report as:

     (1) Commander RFMF – $221,894
(2) Commissioner of Police – $221,894
(3) Commissioner of Prisons – $221,894
(4) Permanent Secretary, PM’s Office – $221,894
(5) Permanent Secretary, Finance – $221,894
(6) Permanent Secretary, Works – $221,894
(7) Permanent Secretary, Health – $221,894
(8) Permanent Secretary, Education – $221,894

Source – Coupfourpointfive; Posted by Rusi Varani for SWM

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  1. Rusi Varani permalink
    September 13, 2013 2:02 PM

    Given that the majority of the population in Fiji are either living below the poverty line, are struggling or barely surviving this exorbitant increase is a kick on the face and the head of ordinary Fiji citizens. The increases are so unreasonable that it questions the intellectual ability of these illegal regime not only to lead but to think clearly and rationally.

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