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Fiji cameraman fired for mouthing off at Bainimarama stooge

August 3, 2013

Inoke Livanasiga in the Solomons
Drama from the illegal leader’s visit to the Solomon Islands last month that didn’t make the Fiji Ministry of Information Facebook pages or the propaganda machine.
A MINFO cameraman was fired for having a go at one of the regime’s pet hacks – Maika Bolatiki of the Fiji Sun.
Inoke Livanasiga was given his marching orders after an altercation with military officers and Bolatiki on the afternoon of the last day of Bainimarama’s trip.
He was drinking with Fiji police and soldiers when he apparently lost his temper with a police officer and swore at him.
When several military officers intercepted, Livanasiga turned on them saying “the army had fucked up the country”.
He was asked to leave the group and headed back to his hotel where Bolatiki, who is well known for his pro-regime articles, was also staying.
Bolatiki and staff with police at a workshop this week.
Livanasiga, who has been a cameraman for years and had only just joined the MINFO team, started yelling and swearing at Bolatiki, questioning his papers’ support of the illegal government.
Anyone who follows the Fiji media will know that Bolatiki is usually trotted out to do the ‘big stories’ on Bainimarama and to ‘expose’ critics and rival political leaders as ‘liars.’

The Fiji Sun also recently pocketed close to $40,000 from running advertisements detailing the assets and liabilities of political parties, that were ordered by the regime registrar of elections, Mohammed Saneem.

Nowhere in any of the coverage of that story, including the latest one this week on Saneem ‘allowing’ the Fiji Labour Party to operate again after it paid the $6,000 it owed, has Bolatiki or the Fiji Sun ever publicly acknowledged its coffers were thousands of dollars richer thanks to that ruling.

C4.5 sources say Bainimimarama’s matani-vanua stepped in and calmed Livanasiga but the damage was already done. When he got back to Fiji, a termination letter was waiting for him.



Source – Coupfourpointfive; Posted by Rusi Varani for SWM

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