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Media to play key role in 2014: Smith-Johns – What hypocritical comments and load of crap

August 1, 2013

July 31, 2013 | Filed under: Fiji News |

Acting Commissioner of Police Ravi Narayan (left), with Permanent Secretary for Information Sharon Smith-Johns, and Police Chief of Operations ACP Rusiate Tudravu at Nasova, Suva. Photo: MINFO NEWS


The media will play a key role in helping build and shape Fiji, says Permanent Secretary for Information, National Archives of Fiji and Library Services, Sharon Smith-Johns.
Speaking at the opening of a two-day Fiji Police Force Media workshop, she said: “Communications and indeed the media play a vital role in the democratic processes of any nation, including Fiji – and as we move towards general elections in 2014 the media will play an even more important role in helping build and shape our nation.”
She said never has there been a time in history where information has passed so quickly and without control.
While the traditional role of the media has always been to ensure that checks and balances are in place, new media trends are setting the pace for the future.
“In the context of government and in this case, you the police, their role is to report what you deliver, making sure that you work within the guidelines,  and ensure  your actions reflect what the Fiji Police Force aspires to carry out, that is, to serve the people of our nation.
“But information is about building trust and that trust for each of you in this room should always start with the way you shape the information you share with the public,” she said. Blah blah blah

This blog strongly criticizes the above comments by Sharon and the illegal government she represents. Especially so at a time when the news outlets in Fiji are being so heavily censored and the people of Fiji are taken to task and harmed if they utter sentiments against the illegal regime, however factual and truthful those sentiments may be. Sharon’s comments stinks as stink can be. If she has an iota of respect for media freedom, professionalism and reasonableness then she should be advising her compatriots in the illegal regime to lift all sanctions still in place before they can even talk about media freedom, let alone giving a lecture on its importance in a democracy.

The current censorship of the media outlets in Fiji are so stringent to the point where there is hardly anything worth reading or hearing in the daily newspapers and radio broadcasts.  The people of Fiji and the world at large are unfairly being deprived of the true state of affairs in Fiji. It was exactly because of these sanctions, amongst other things, that blogs, such as this one and others around, were established to let people know of the realities of the situation in Fiji.

The increase in corruption activities from within the illegal government circles, including their families, the deliberate disregard of human lives as evidenced by the lives lost at the hands of this illegal regime through the military and police and the latest inhumane treatments and beatings of the escaped prisoners are all important aspects of this illegal government’s inability to govern and control  that had been hidden under the carpet, thanks to Sharon and her illegal governments blatant efforts to hide the truth through media censorship. Sharon and her cronies had probably no idea of that age old adage that truth cannot be suppressed and will always find its own way to the roof top.

Rusi Varani for SWM

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