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Qarase confirms: Bainimarama did it for his own personal gain

July 19, 2013

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[No 9 /2013]

[Fri July 12 2013]

UFDF says Prime Minister Qarase confirms he was the 3rd person present at a meeting with former NZ Foreign Affairs Minister Winston Peters and Bainimarama in Wellington where an offer of building 3000 low cost homes a year for several years was made to Bainimarama to encourage him to not go ahead with his coup!

The squatter problems in Fiji are getting worse by the day. The United Front for a Democratic Fiji (UFDF) says that ever since the military coup

on 5thDecember, 2006 Bainimarama’s illegal Regime has failed to put in place an effective policy on squatter settlements. The United Front says that in urban centres such as Suva, Lautoka, Labasa, Ba and Nadi, more and more peoplenow live in squatter settlements. Conditions in these settlements are often pathetic with very poor housing, roads, water and power supplies. Sanitary conditions are well below acceptable standards. The squatter problems have been compounded by the sharp increases in unemployment and in the alarmingly high level of poverty under the Bainimarama Regime.

In a recent interview via ABC News, Australia, Mr. Winston Peters, who was Foreign Minister of New Zealand at thetime of the 2006 military coup, said that he had offered substantial funding for the proper settlement of squatters inFiji, provided that Bainimarama did not proceed with his intended coup. This offer has been confirmed by Mr. Qarase whose Government was forcefully removed from office by the Fiji Military on 5.12.06.

Mr. Qarase said that the offer was made in Wellington during a meeting between Mr. Qarase, Mr. Winston Peters and Commodore Bainimarama

on 29th/30th November, 2006. The offer was to take the form of financial grants tofund about 3000 low cost homes each year for several years. If there was no military coup on 5.12.06 there would be by now (2013) not less than 20,000 low cost homes to accommodate almost 100,000 squatters in Fiji, under this New Zealand assistance program. This proposed program would have effectively resolved Fiji’s squatter problems. The UFDF says the people need to be aware that Bainimarama turned his back on this offer which would have benefited about 100,000 of the neediest members of society and instead Bainimarama proceeded with his coup based on corruption allegations he knew was false when he claimed it and the Regime have since had to admit as much in court.

Authorized by:

Laisenia Qarase (Sgd)

Mahendra Chaudary (Sgd)

Raman Singh (Sgd)

Attar Singh (Sgd)

Mick Beddoes (SGD)

Posted by Rusi Varani for SWM

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  1. Anonymous permalink
    July 19, 2013 2:17 PM

    Well, that’s one problem which WOULD have been solved by now if the coup hadn’t happened. Compared with zero problems that have been solved for good by the regime, that makes 1-0. Not to mention the $7billion national cumulative income extra that Fiji would have had by 2015 if the coup wasn’t carried out, makes 2-0. Plus free press makes 3-0. Courts that don’t have their jurisdictions ousted = 4-0. Plus free association and speech for the people = 5-0. If we’d had elections when we should have, it would have been “game over”

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