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He who dares win: A call to remove the Dictator of Fiji

July 7, 2013


The flip side to the famous motto of the British Special Air Services (SAS) is that lack of courage never result in victory. Therein lie the glaring gap in what is required in Fiji to remove the Bainimarama dictatorship. Even worse, such a gap exists even within the current military, among those most able and with the opportunity, to effect such a noble enterprise on behalf of all Fijians who have suffered under the Bainimarama dictatorship.

So is there a lack in the Daring or is the Win so tough it is not worth the effort? From any reasonable and rational standpoint, the incentive for any soldier in Fiji to lead an uprising against the Bainimarama dictatorship has been overwhelming. All indicators for the country paint a dismal and gloomy outlook, and it continues to worsen no matter how much the regime wants to manipulate the media and public, into falsely believing.

At a personal level for the soldiers, they must realise that all the fraudulent bribes to keep their loyalty is resulting in hardship in other families. All they are benefiting from is the regime robbing Pita’s family to pay Paula’s family.How real and meaningful is loyalty to your treasonous commander than to your own country and people? Commanders come and go while the nation and its people is you and your family now, those gone and those yet to come. When faced with the rule of a potential tyrant, the Egyptian military sided with the people to salvage the aspirations of its people. Therein lie the stark challenge for the soldiers of the Fiji military.

Soldiers can’t close their eyes to the reality of their surroundings nor close their ears to the reverberating sufferings of the people of Fiji. To allow the present situation in Fiji to continue is to assign a nation and its people to long term ruin and repression. It is as un-Fijian as the attempt to copyright the masi design on the regime’s new airline.

Soldiers need to picture a better future for the Fiji military than its present pariah standing. All of us with family and relatives in the military yearn for the return to when its status commanded respect and admiration not disdain, ridicule and utter contempt. Those were the days, when even those like me, who avidly read war comics in my village, dreamed to embark on soldiering as a career to fight wars and liberate the oppressed from tyrants. The Fiji military then was a force of good and repository of the pride and goodwill of its people. Most regrettably, that is now a distant dream, all because of the bad leadership of its past and current commanders.

The challenge is now squarely on the shoulders of present soldiers under the misrule of its current commander. In your hands lie the opportunity for the Fiji military to reclaim its proper and proud place as an institution that serves the will of its people via those democratically elected.

Bainimarama has run down and bastardised a once proud institution. Each one of you can reverse all that by working and uniting to remove the dictatorship that is oppressing Fiji and its people. If you only Dare it is the nation and people of Fiji that will Win

By Sai Lealea.

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