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The 100 faces of Fiji’s biggest liar

July 6, 2013

Darling Grubby
It has been fun working with you and the boys from Corevice improving the media presence of the Glorious Leader and the True Leader. That newcamera that records facial expressions when the subject lies is amazing.
Did you notice it never stopped taking pictures the whole time FAG (Fijian Attorney General) was speaking? I have attached a clip of one short sequence and in 30 seconds it recognizes over 70 lying expressions.

Talking of Lies, we need to brush up our excuses for trashing the Ghai Constitution. At the time we said it was so cumbersome it would take months to re-write the draft which would delay the elections in September 2014. We needed to have a constitution in April 2013 if we were to meet the timetable.
quote from your web site Grubby Sheets:
“(a) Proceed with the Ghai blueprint and send it to the Constituent Assembly as per the original plan. The problem with this was that the Government feared many months of intense argument over its provisions, a delay to the proclamation of the final document, a delay to the start of the political phase of the election countdown and perhaps even a delay to the election itself, taking it beyond 2014.”
And here you go into even more detail:
Confused, I will try to leave you less confused. Senior Government people have told me they were concerned that because the Ghai Draft was so complicated, it might take up to eight months to debate some of its provisions, assuming that the Constituent Assembly is made up – as promised – of people across the political spectrum. This would have pushed the constitutional/ election timetable back until August. Then the political phase would have begun far too late to guarantee that an election could be held before September 2014. Remember,everyone would have been starting from scratch – parties, candidates, election arrangements and a formal campaign.
The Prime Minister is determined to deliver on his promise of a democratic election before September 2014. Can you imagine how the international community would react if he didn’t? Already lots of people are saying there isn’t enough time as it is. The Government assumed that the Ghai Commission would come up with a reasonably compact constitution that could be considered by the people’s representatives quickly. When that didn’t happen, it made the case for overturning some of the Draft Constitution’s provisions even more attractive. Hope this goes some way to addressing your confusion.
Here we are in July 2013 another 4 months on and there is still no sign of the constitution. I know the Glorious Leader has been too busy with his holidays to even look at the draft constitution. Where has he been since April. France 2x, USA, New Caledonia, PNG, China 2x, Russia, Middle East Etc. Etc.
He earns more on his Per Diems in a month than I earn in a year on my salary. Just as well like you, I can supplement my income by having product placement in the Ministry of Miss Information Pictures and Videos. Toyota has been paying me well and I need to renegotiate my deal with Fiji Water.
Hugs and kisses
This is to inform the public that this letter is a piece of fiction. However, some of the people and events mentioned are real.
Source – Coupfourpointfive; Posted by Rusi Varani for SWM
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