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Fiji journalist latest casualty of regime ‘resignations’

June 21, 2013

NARAIN: Stepped on toes of dictator’s daughter.

It seems ‘resignations’ are the new norm for dictatorship Fiji.

In a second ‘resignation’, Fiji TV journalist Satish Narain is out of a job after a complaint to the Media Tribunal by Frank Bainimara’s eldest daughter.

The Fiji Sun is reporting the complaint was made by Fiji Sports Council chairman, Peter Mazey, but the truth is it was spearheaded by Litiana Loabuka, the CEO of the Council.

The story was broken by Coupfourpointfive on May 24 and as we said then: Narain was forced to apologise on air for saying at the May 16 Coca Cola Games that the music being played on the PA system during the races was too loud and “CEO Litiana should do somnething about it.”

After raising hell with Fiji TV, Loabuka had the station barred from all Fiji Sports Stadiums venues and Narain apologise on air but it wasn’t enough to satisfy her wounded feelings.

She also complained to her father who weighed in on Fiji TV Chairman Padam Lala and CEO Tarun Patel.

Narain ‘resigned’ yesterday.

LITIANA LOABUKA:Soured by request to turn music down

It is not the first time the longtime journalist has been bullied by the dictator and his

Last year he was caught up in the station’sPersonality of the Year contest, which was won by Premila Kumar of the Fiji Consumer Council but which was overturned in favour of Bainimarama.

Narain’s ‘resignation’ is the second to be announced by the regime this week. The first was that of Colonel Samuel Saumatua as the Minister of Housing and Local Government.

In an unconfirmed tip, sources say a third could follow –
that of the Minister of Works, Timoci Natuva – and that Major Nemani Vuniwaqa will be sidelined and sent back to camp.

Narain’s on-air apology: “Fiji Television Limited apologises to the Fiji


Sports Council for the adverse comments made against the ANZ Stadium facility owners’ during last weeks Coca Cola Games. Team Leader Sport – Satish Narain made adverse remarks against the Fiji Sports Council regarding loud music being played during the races last Thursday. Narain apologises sincerely to the Sports Council CEO Litiana Loabuka and also to the council for the comments he made against her and her organisation.”

Editor’s Note: Our original story revealing Bainimarama’s daughter bullying Satish Narain and Fiji TV has had almost 3,500 views via our blog and more than 2,500 on Facebook. An earlier story exposing younger daughter, Bernadette Bainimarama, showing off about flying to France to see Air Pacific’s new A330 plane has been read by close to 2,100 people on this blog and by more than 4,000 on Facebook. Such is the interest in the self-serving Bainimarama’s.

Source – Coupfourpointfive; Posted by Rusi Varani for SWM
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