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Last roll of the dice for Fiji’s casino developers?

June 14, 2013

So much for ultimatums.

Fiji’s illegal attorney general was quoted on March 9 as saying there would be consequences if One Hundred Sands Limited had not started building by May.

“There has been an extension of time given to the casino license holders and they need to commence construction by a particular date in May.

“If they do not, there are obviously consequences in terms of license itself. We anticipate them to commence construction on the casino proper and the convention centre and hotel by May.” (ex Fiji Sun

Yet not only has the company failed to even start toiling the land, it wants to change the site of where the casino will be built on Denarau Island – and Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum has agreed to it.

No detail of the exact location, just a picture of empty land in FBC and the following comment from Khaiyum:

“They have requested for an extension to the deadline and they have been given another week….. They have also requested to change the site …. so we have given them that approval also but this is the last extension.”

The regime has gone to lengths to get the estimated 300 million dollar casino off the ground, gazetting a decree last year in October, even though One Hundred Sands hadn’t even started building.(

The decree gave developers a 15 year licence, and plum provisions including no duty on any capital goods (gaming machines etc) that would be brought in from overseas, and no annual license fee.

Despite that, Claunch has been unable to make the deal happen with reports insisting he doesn’t have the money and never did.

According to the original plans, One Hundred Sands Limited was supposed to have already started on the casino.
Larry Claunch said the five star casino would open in October 2013 and it would have 500 slot machines, rooms 50 per cent bigger than any other resort in Denarau, plus a 1600 seat convention centre.

Few signs of Claunch in Fiji these days (Khaiyum admitted in the Sun story in March that they had been trying for months to get hold of Claunch without luck) but another key figure in the company has come to light.

According to sources the man pictured above is Janen Singh aka Yajbal Singh, a realtor, who was one of the original directors of One Hundred Sands Limited, when it was known as Toothpower, and who some say was the brainchild behind the casino.


 Source – Coupfourpointfive; Posted by Rusi Varani for SWM
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