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Dictator Bainimarama’s Recent “Cap in Hand” Trip to China can only be described as:

June 6, 2013



“What a load of pathetic platitudes, self pity and who are “my people” when he has no legitimate mandate to be even making the speech to the Chinese President! Yet all that escapes the man – what an embarrassment to a nation and peoples far smarter than him and his regime. A walking joke of a PM by all measures one can think of!

It is no wonder he needed three other treasonous military officers to accompany him meet the Chinese (Teleni, Seruiratu and Leweni). The extra muscle, not brains, was required to help carry the deep “begging bowl” presented to the Chinese. Anyone reading his begging speech can only marvel at the finesse and heartfelt platitudes sprinkled throughout and it will be a miracle if the Chinese did not feel moved to oblige the Dictator with his wants.

Fiji will continue to adopt a begging culture the longer he remains in power! 2013 is Year of Regime Change and Dictator Bainimarama must be removed from his treasonous perch to salvage Fiji and its people. Otherwise he will continue to claim all as “my people” when only a handful we know are happy to be label so.


Author: Sai Lealea; Posted by Rusi Varani for SWM

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