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Whats Next?

May 28, 2013



Gazing into the future

Just what do our dictator and his puppet-master see as they contemplate the nation’s future. A further cut in pensions after Fiji Airways gets into trouble paying for its brand new planes? Life without a sugar industry? Statues of each of them standing beside Ratu Sir Lala Sukuna?


Even more spending, the election must be even closer

May 28, 2013

Permanent Secretary for Finance Filimoni Waqabaca has said that the Bainikhaiyum regime is going to start a round of reckless spending in the second half of this year. It looks like the regime has one strategy: spend big and make sure the regime gets all the credit for the spending. Lots of pictures of the ugly dictator lapping up attention.

Radio Fiji 28 May 2013 Expect major spending now: Waqabaca

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The Tate and Lyle mystery

May 28, 2013

Dr Krishnamurthi, the Fiji born sugar expert, has said that our sugar “is in high demand overseas because of its lack of impurities” and he’s probably right. So how does he explain the fact that Tate and Lyle have not bought all of last year’s crop? They certainly used to buy it all, and they sent experts to help us improve our milling to get more sugar. It looks like Tate and Lyle, after seeing FSC up close and seeing the Minister for Sugar up close, decided they’d seek other sources. It’s no good relying on an industry that’s so unreliable and looks doomed, especially with a Minister for Sugar who knows nothing and cares even less about the industry.

Fiji Times May 27, 2013
 High demand for Fiji sugar

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Not the News

May 28, 2013

Fiji Police Force Officer for Talking about Everything and Doing Nothing, Rusiate Tudravu, said today that police have now identified a suspect in the alleged smuggling of shark fins from Fiji. He is the same man who was caught on video impersonating a policeman during the recapture of two prison escapees. Police have no idea of this man’s name and suspect he is a graduate of the Mandrake Schools of Hypnosis. Tudravu advised that the suspect is violent and warned the public not to approach him as he would be likely to handcuff them and beat their ankles, knees and private parts for long stretches.

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Another week, another jet-setting high-life trip

May 27, 2013


He’s no sooner back from his week of champagne and French cuisine, than he is ready to climb into the First Class cabin for a trip to China. We don’t know which of the First Family will draw the First Class travelticket this week, because Frank tries to keep it secret, but we can be sure that there’ll be more than one of the fat snouts in the trough.

Radio New Zealand 26 May, 2013 Fiji PM to visit China today ahead of Russian visit next month

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Khaiyum’s rent distribution system a failure

May 27, 2013

Bainimarama took away the chief’s share of land rent and claimed he distributed all rent money equally to all members of the mataqali but it seems that this isn’t happening and Bainimarama is washing his hands of the problem. His puppet TLTB General Manager, Alipate Qetaki, has admitted that he’s received hundreds of complaints about unequal distribution of rent and all he can say is that this is ‘illegal’. He hasn’t got the staff to investigate the complaints – let alone face that he hasn’t got the staff to chase up unpaid or late rent. When cash was distributed directly in the village everyone could see what was happening and people in the village who need the money more had the best chance of making sure they had their share. The new system was the brain-child of Khaiyum and it was based on ignorance of all things iTaukei.

Radio Fiji 27 May 2013 Trustees responsible for unequal distribution

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The truth about sugar

May 27, 2013

Bainimarama thinks all cane farmers should regard him as a generous father handing out pocket money, but Bala Dass, the general secretary of the rival Cane Growers Association, has made clear farmers are not fooled. Costs have gone up and farmers made more money at $65 a tonne than they will at $80 post devaluation dollars. Worst of all, after the mills were wrecked by the botched refit, FSC is losing money and cannot afford to pay $80 a tonne. FSC is borrowing the money to pay farmers and some people think these payments will not last longer than a rigged election to keep Bainimarama and Khaiyum in power.

Radio Australia 24 May 2013 Fiji sugar future not as rosy as depicted

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One event – two reports

May 27, 2013

Last week the Bainikhaiyum regime’s vote buying campaign included handing over computers for internet access to Naiyala High School. Fiji Village reported the handover while the Fiji Sun added a declaration from Tui Wailevu that he’ll be voting for Bainimarama in next year’s election. Once again we see that the Fiji Sun has made itself a tool of dictatorship.

Fiji Sun May 26, 2013 “PM has my vote”

Fiji Village 25/05/2013 Internet project launched at Naiyala High School

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Is this the best they can do?

May 25, 2013


Look at the idiot on the left. FDN never ceases to be amazed at the pictures of our self-appointed PM put out by his propaganda machine. Is this really the best they can do? We’d love to see the pictures of this buffoon they throw away, if these are the best.

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Our sugar industry is in the past

May 25, 2013

Former Fiji resident and sugar researcher, Dr Krishnamurthi, has some advice for the Bainikhaiyum regime on how to manage sugar. If they want to improve the industry, they need to look to the past for ideas. We had an industry that worked and Bainimarama thought he knew better. All of the arrangements for involving farmers in decision-making were abolished and confidence between farmers and FSC has broken down. For some reason he appointed a block-headed army colonel to run the industry and ignored expert advice. Dr Krishnamurthi was engaged by the regime to advise on how the industry could be revived and then his advise was buried.


Source -Fiji Democracy Now Blog;  Posted by Rusi Varani for SWM

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