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Unsuspecting cane farmers bow and scrape to Fiji’s sugar thief

May 28, 2013

First he raided the pensioner’s funds – now he’s ripping off sugar cane famers.

Meet Frank Bainimarama – Fiji’s sugar bandit.

 Here he is smugly handing out $100 cheques to sugar cane farmers at Ba last week, but he had nothing whatsoever to do with them getting the first everpension payout in Fiji’s history. 

That kudos goes to the Rarawai Penang Cane Producers Association Fair Trade initiative, whichallows farmers to accrue premium funds, that are then paid by Tate and Lyle Sugars directly to the Local Cane Producers Associations at a rate of US$60 or F$106 per tonne of sugar produced, in addition to the standard amount paid to Fiji Sugar Corporation.

Habib (centre) replaced at head table

Yet, there was Bainimarama acting the big benefactor,pocketing votes for the 2014 elections as he went.

Questions come to mind: who in the sugar industry or in the government machinery decided to make him the chief guest and give him free publicity?

And why was the brain-child of the Fair-trade organisation in Fiji, Mohammed Habib, missing from the head-table at the Bafunction? Was his place given to Mary Bainimarama – it sure looks it.
And who are the people behind the scene pulling strings to make sure the aging dictator gets to attend key functions like this to prepare him for the 2014 sham of an election?

Media: sucked in by ‘stunning’ propagandaIt’s not the Fiji Sugar Cane Growers Association, which outed the regime for misleading people over the sugar stats in a press release a few days ago. 

Its general secretary, Bala Dass, has noted it all in the release “Record cane payment -Misleading.”

Sadly, the power hungry Bainimarama is playing the most vulnerable in our midst for fools.

This week he gets to dupe his peers in Russia and China where he is spreading more propaganda but one can’t feel sorry for them.

Those we should be concerned for are the likes of these poor cane farmers, who are being taken in by the most unscrupulous of dictators – the last sugar daddy anybody would want or trust.

Source – Coupfourpointfive;  Posted by Rusi Varani for SWM
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