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What it takes to survive in Fiji today

May 26, 2013

Ill-informed kaivalagi may be raving about Fiji’s tyrannical self-appointed prime minister but those living front line and qualified to speak have a better grip on reality.
In a recent Luvei Viti thread, the following was noted: “Just heard today from a very close relative that one of their European colleague has just returned from Fiji & about to go back. “This is the story: ‘We are so pleased with Bainimarama. He has done so much for the people of Fiji. Even those outside Suva are happy. He is building up good political support & he may just win in the election in 2014!’
“All these rhetorics came to an abrupt halt when the person was asked about Human Rights Abuse & killing of innocent people in Fiji. In addition, a question on how Bainimarama has removed the Fijian Race & reduced all Indigenous Fijians to itaukei which is not a race but a universal tag that is used for being in possession of anything or eg owner of a shop or owner of a bag or jacket or similar in a literal sense! The person could only utter back….well yes, Binimarama will need to answer up to that after the election in 2014 – If it HAPPENS.”
Also noted was this staunch reply from blogger Discombobulated Bubu, whose memorable sizing up of the situation we’ve posted here.
It is unfortunate indeed that those who live within high gated

compounds and have the means to do so seem to be very eager to support the status quo – the “in” crowd. Not all, but enough of them to cause us to have furred eyebrows 😦

Most of those that need the work to support their families put their heads down and ignore everything else – survival mode only .. and we cannot blame them (this includes journo’s and lawyers).Those soldiers that had any principles were culled early and deliberately from the army, and what you have left are those that follow the same aspirations as it’s leader – following the path to the quick acquisition of riches and promises of bright lights – those that cannot or will not question the lack of principles inherent in the army culture these days. You only have to look at the army website these days to see how far they have fallen. It looks truly like an insane person smoking weed wrote it. It has nothing to do with “armed forces” but a propaganda tool for the regime.

Those who dare still protest in one form or another whether by writing letters or turning up personally to talk are targeted in “vengeance attacks” by the regime …. my family amongst others are a good example – they are doing to us what they did to TuSaki and Imrana – targeting us through their controlled courts – so they can bring us to our knees financially so that we give up or go away. They have trumped up totally false charges against us involving FRCA, then they put a garnishee order on our bank accounts as well so we can’t touch our funds and have to borrow from relatives (who are fast running out of funds themselves). This is the kind of (dare I say it) kai idia mentality that is so alien to us culturally and that makes us really really sad.We know for a fact that both Bainimarama and Ayarsi are both personally involved in the directions ‘from the top’ to make this happen.

This reflects their culture of vengeance, and the base of fear and anger that their modus operendi works from. The regime had to kill a few people, and continue their physical intimidation of people so that they could spread fear in the population , and to some extent they have succeeded.
The regime continues to target those in the population they can “bribe” with ‘gifts’ of classroom blocks and village amenities and utilities via monies diverted from either the public purse or from donors and masked as if it comes from Bainimarama personally, and via his controlled media, he is slowly building a persona of the great benefactor. This is backed up with each photo and TV appearance carefully crafted to look as if there is a huge amount going on in the country. Ceremonies and graduating classes here and there, and people benefiting from this course and that programme.  There is HUGE crafty propoganda going on here.In the meantime Bai does what he likes (like going to France on the pretence that he is going to collect a plane – and then we are finding out that he actually took his mataqali to see Lourdes all on the public purse – none of which was mentioned anywhere in the media) And while they do this, they are economically depowering a huge percentage of the population base , so that in the end, people have no choice but to be subservient as where else is funding going to come from ? ….. they have also targeted Chiefs and sub chiefs in this way dividing as they go.

Whats really sad is to see the moral decay, and the distress this has caused within society and families. Families no longer to speak to each other openly in case someone pots them in. Friendships are strained and many people just plain cannot trust anyone else these days. This has caused great stress and strain internally for a lot of people and the flow on effect has been huge as we have witnessed with the massive increase in mental issues, suicides, domestic violence and prostitution. The young children will grow up seeing these traits and thinking this is normal. Unless parents are very strong with good values, this is a truly frightening phenomena.

So unfortunately the future is bleak in terms of realising a truly free and fair means of electing our government reps UNLESS it ends in blood – WHICH ACCORDING TO MY CRYSTAL BALL, it will do.  Unfortunately and sadly although we do not wish it,  I see a physical eruption at some stage. And we should be ready with a contingency plan for our people’s safety when it does happen.

Source – Coupfourpoint five; Posted by Rusi Varani for SWM

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