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Naivalurua gets his Rodney King moment

March 10, 2013



Commissioner Naivalurua has distinguished himself from most of his military colleagues who swarmed like flies all over top civil service positions. He has at least looked competent and professional. The FPF was in a mess after Teleni, and Naivalurua has worked hard to restore the professionalism of the force.

He has taken stern action against officers accused of corruption and demanded performance, starting with the long overdue demand for physical fitness. If Naivalurua does not now act on the irrefutable evidence of this video his credibility with the FPF he is trying to rebuild is gone.

The video shows the men are clearly in custody, the torture being inflicted is consistent with the reports of their injuries and there must be a chain of custody that stretches all the way from the back of the truck to FPF. If there is not a chain of custody that, too, must be investigated. Commissioner Naivalurua cannot brush this aside?

If his own officers cannot name the men who handed them over to them, he has to charge his officers with obstructing justice. If the men who handed them over cannot explain the injuries, they too must be charged. There is no doubt about what happened, the only question is who did it. The glimpses of individuals in the video also provide some evidence.

LAPD were subject to allegations of brutality before the Rodney King incident and he would have been just another allegation if it had not been for the video which confirmed that he had been brutally assaulted.

But even the Rodney King incident pales next to the RFMF torture video. The LAPD officers acted on the spur of the moment in anger. The RFMF torturers acted systematically and calmly in accordance with looks like a plan to permanently cripple the victim. Only sadists could act in such a casually brutal manner.

Will Naivalurua act? Probably not, because the sadists, while indulging their sick urges, were no doubt acting on orders and the orders came from the same place that the order to sack Naivalurua would come. The best we can hope for is that Naivalurua will act to preserve his honour and resign.

And one final puzzle. Why is the Rodney King full version video available on You Tube, while the RFMF torture video is now hidden behind a warning and requires a sign-on. Is this a little service provided by Qorvis? A threat to You Tube of legal action? Or is it just that the RFMF torturers are a whole order of magnitude worse than Rodney King’s attackers? This video IS shocking and it will not be swept under the carpet.

Source – Fiji Democracy Now; Posted by Rusi Varani for SWM
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