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Fijians must oppose the new decree at all cost !

December 21, 2010

Fijitoday has reported receiving information about a proposal presently being promoted by the Military Council. The proposal is set out below and is a eal worry for Fiji’s democratic future as it attempts to vest absolute power in the hands of a president and not the people, through their elected reps sitting in the parliament of Fiji. It must be opposed by all freedom loving Fijians.

1.The new constitution will give the President a veto over all legislation including budget and supply.

2.The President will be appointed for a term of ten years.

3.The President will be the titular head of the RFMF and be able to direct the Commander RFMF.

4.The President will be able to impeach and remove any MP including the Prime Minister for actions he deems not in the best interests of the Republic of Fiji.

5.The President will be able to call an election if he deems the administration is unable to adequately govern.

6.The President will have lifetime immunity from legal prosecution.

7.The Initial President will be appointed by the outgoing
administration to maintain stability over the first ten years.

ALL FIJIANS MUST NEVER LET THE PROPOSAL ABOVE COME ABOUT!!!! Posted by Sai Lealea at 10:42 AM 0 comments Email ThisBlogThis!Share to TwitterShare to FacebookShare to Google Buzz Links to this post


Rusi Varani -General Secretary,SWM



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  1. December 21, 2010 9:28 AM

    This effort by Frank and his puppets must be stopped at all cost. This is an attempt to continue this dictatorship under the guise of a democratically elected Government with the absolute powers of the President even to expel any MP who are elected by the people.

    Who does this President think he is to be able to do anything at all in this country with unlimited powers. I can bet by bottom dollar that Frank is lining up the Presidency of the country for himself. It will be simply another dictatorship to replace this current dictatorship.

    So where are we going? Nowhere!

  2. Timoci_Vaqewa permalink
    March 1, 2011 5:37 PM

    I will not support any of this crap..Everything they put out is illegal..I havent’ and did not care to read about the illegal peoples charter when they put it out..and yet they say that fijians have come to realize the importance and support the charter and all the shit they are putting out..what a laugh..Bainimarama is like Muamar gadaffi..He and his military council think that we fijians support them..Not at all..

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