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Using Force is an option!

June 28, 2010

Tui Savu

Regime Change in Fiji, should we also consider using force as an option to achieving this end?

As we near the 4th anniversary of Vorege’s coup in Fiji, the situation in Fiji is becoming so untenable that I fear Fiji may already be a ‘failed State’. The continual militarisation of the Civil Service, Statutory bodies and now Sporting bodies, unfair dismissals, etc are all clear indications that Vorege isn’t going anywhere soon.

I have very grave doubts to his dubious claims of holding General Elections in 2014. He’s already lied to the Pacific Island Leaders when he turned back on his assurance to holding General Elections, so what’s stopping him from doing it again?

The economy is plummeting downwards and the increases in basic food commodities, such as butter, shortages of water and electricity supply, etc all signs of things are not getting any better and will not get any better, unless there are some fundamental changes, such as regime change, the return to democracy & the rule of law.

Regime change has been on the minds of many freedom bloggers, yet very little has been spoken about it, so I want to bring it out in the open and invite positive and constructive dialogue on this sensitive issue.

Should we as freedom bloggers in desiring a regime change in Fiji and the return to democracy also consider and support the use of force as an option to effect this regime change? Are the use of force and democratic principles compatiable?

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  1. July 27, 2010 4:28 AM

    I most likely would not have contemplated this was beneficial two or 3 months ago, yet it is interesting how age evolves the way you respond to stuff, many thanks for the post it genuinely is pleasing to see anything smart here and there rather than the conventional rubbish disguised as blogs and forums around the web. Cheers

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