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More Kangaroo Courts Galore

March 29, 2010

Ever since the SDL’s election victory in May of 2006, the allegations of election vote rigging by the Fiji Labour Party had again surfaced backed vociferously by Military Commander Commodore Bainimarama. This despite the credible international observers monitored vote polling process. Now we know why the FLP and Frank were up in arms as they had an ulterior motive – the 5th December coup already planned since prior to the elections .
 There were at least six narrow open seats in the Suva Nausori corridor that the FLP were hoping to win for victory over the SDL. The FLP again alleged post elections that these close seats were ‘fixed’ by former Commissioner Central Inoke Devo as the elections returning officer. However in the absence of real evidence as we have witnessed in the last month with the ‘Assassination’ plot case, Inoke Devo’s case, is another kangaroo court unfolding.
 Now that FICAC cannot find anything with Qarase and his alleged inside trading in Fijian Holdings Ltd deal the ‘anti- corruption’ unit  is looking at raking up dirt on Qarase elsewhere. In fact  on the FHL allegations Lyle Cupit, who had been chairman FHL at the time of the share deal, told Sami  Pareti: ‘What was done was clearly done in full disclosure and totally transparent and if the FICAC governance  framework was in place it would have passed those deals’(Islands Business 18 Jan 2009). Now Charges have been combined with Dakuidreketi and Bakani both former board members of NLTB, to shore up FICAC’s next  prosecution case.
In 2007, the army began ‘investigating’ the transfer of rents from schedule A and B land to the NLTB’s commercial arm Vanua Development Corporation. In June 2007 the interim government’s Minister for Fijian Affairs announced that the VDC would be ‘re-examined, with a view of doing away with it altogether’. FICAC called Qarase in for questioning on the rents in May 2008.  He explained that the funds ‘included money set aside for extinct mataqali and administered by the NLTB’. He was nevertheless charged by the FICAC with abuse of office, particularly that, ‘as Prime Minister and chair of the NLTB he had acted outside his powers by gazetting the NLTB Trust Fund Investment Regulations’ which enabled the NLTB ‘to enter into commercial investments and invest in the Vanua Development Corporation Limited’. 
This is another Kangaroo court case to ensure Qarase does not enter politics ever again by hamstringing the SDL leader as a criminal offender hence negating him as decreed from national politics.
Kai Colo

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  1. Koya na Man permalink
    March 29, 2010 11:42 PM

    Bring it on Ficake…

    No one cares about what u up to these days,ur record speaks for itself, a truly bhaini,marama brainchild at work.

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