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Frank, “For my friends anything, for my enemies, the Law”

March 29, 2010

News from within the Prime Minister’s office reveals that former military officers Joji Konrote and Inoke Luveni are the only former SDL coalition  parliamentarians not to have had their pensions suspended indefinitely. Obviously for being gang with Frank. As once uttered by another Dictator, “For my friends anything, for my enemies, the Law”. Konrote was all chummy and liu muried the SDL with Frank prior to the coup and Luveni attached to his wife’s apron Jiko – the coup apologist is a liu muri political chameleon like his name sake Inoke Kubuabola.
Further more all Fiji Labour Party pensioners headed by Chaudrey are still on the pay roll strongly fueling the party’s co -conspiratorial role with Frank.
Also revealed Ratu Jone Yavala like Qarase lost both his public service and his parliamentary pensions.
Frank is obviously hoping to blackmail the former SDL financial master into joining his illegal regime. Ratu Jone has iron integrity unlike his brother Inoke the imp.

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  1. Koya na Man permalink
    March 29, 2010 11:35 PM

    Don’t worry SDL Parliamentarians after this thugs go to jail ur pension and any loss of income will be addressed.

    How cruel an act on a human being,what will he get out of this?

    He should remember that he wants the support of the public, this is not a way to get it, it just goes shows his low level mentality and the level of hatred in him, and imagine he’s the one with the gun not us?

  2. March 30, 2010 11:07 AM

    To deny a person of his pension which he has earned from work done over the years as a politician or civil servant is denying him his human rights to what he is entitled to and this can be challenged in a court of law.
    What Crank has done is total discrimination towards those who stood for their human right in challenging his style of coming into to power.
    In a democracy every body is dealt with equally but in a dictatorship its vice versa.
    So my beloved countrymen of Fiji, the irony of the events that is happening at home is for you to do something about it.
    Cause the fact of the matter is that this government is getting so corrupt that they have being blinded by they actions.
    Hope the donation to the hurricane relief fund will be used properly and an audit account of how it is used is presented later.
    God bless Fiji and have a Happy Easter.

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