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Fiji Regime Hits Out at SDL Supporters

February 14, 2010

Regime Thugs Abuse SDL Supporters

Reports received from Fiji revealed that last night at about 8.45 pm a squad made up of soldiers and police officers, stormed the SDL head office in Suva and detained a group of supporters who were there. The group included former MPs Ragiagia and Tikoinasau.

The groups were made to form two lines and manhandled while verbally abused as they were bundled into military vehicles. The arresting party was led by Maciu Vulaono a relative of the leader of Fiji’s revivalist group closely associated with the Police Commissioner.

The group was taken to the Military camp where they were detained. The two former parliamentarians were released at around midnight and the rest at the crack of dawn.

It would appear the illegal Fiji regime is now very nervous since the delivery and publicity of the600,000 signature petition calling for return to democracy via elections later this year. Regime leaders seem paranoid and are hitting out at opponents. They are arresting and terrorizing people who have no weapons but the 600,000 signature petition that was supposed to be only good for toilet paper, according to illegal PM, Bainimarama.

Regime bloggers are now also targeting petition organiser, Suliasi Daunitutu and petition deliverer Vilisi Nadaku, with abusive posts and harassing calls.

All this after regime figures downplayed the extent of human rights abuse and violation at the UN Periodic Review of Human Rights on Fiji in Geneva.

It clearly confirms the determination of the illegal regime to shut out any opposition to its rule and deny opposition voice in any form even after the ongoing extension of the PER.

What you are seeing is a regime that also recognizes that as its rule increasingly comes under attack, it will hit out even harder out of desperation. This is typical of all regimes at their last breath.

If only they realise that only a minority support them, such that the longer they hang on to power, the worse will be the consequences for Fiji and its people, and worse most for them.

There is no question Fiji will return to democratic rule. It is just how long before it happens. 600,000 people are saying right now, while Bainimarama and his supporters would like to delay it as long as possible so they can continue to profit from their illegal rule.

Greater effort must be directed at revealing these reports of abuse and human rights violation to overseas governments, UN and other democratic states to expose the mad state of affairs in Fiji and the power hungry appetite of the illegal regime leaders.

Source -Sai Lealea, Posted by Rusi Varani for SWM

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