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Opportunists beware, your days are numbered!!!!!!!

December 10, 2009

illegal Local Government Minister Lt. Col Samuela Saumatua

Folks, Fiji is sailing in uncharted waters with no clear objective except to ensure the ship remains afloat, even when the fuel runs out. With this kind of modus operandi, rationality flies out the window and quick fixes like instant gratification and instant satisfaction is the rule.

Take a look at this idiot Lt. Col Saumatua telling delegates during a forum hosted by the Secretariat of the Pacific Regional Environmental Programme at the the United Nations Copenhagen Climate Change Conference, that Fiji’s doors are open to those affected by climate change from other neighbouring Pacific Island countries. Who is he trying to fool? Does he truly think our Pacific Island neighbours will want to come to settle in Fiji, especially with an illegal regime in place?

Freedom blog sites have exposed endemic corrupt ‘quick fix’ practices of Frank, Aiyarse, Aziz, Qoro and other coup perpetrators and supporters, which this coup was supposed to stop. The very crime of corruption Frank accuses deposed PM Laisenia Qarase of doing, he now does himself carte blanche with no fear of reprisal!

What these dimwits and opportunists, like Punja, Niranjan, Tapoos, Lala, Paroshotam, Motibhai, etc in their hour of greed fail to realise is that when a lawful government comes into power, all their shady deals with this illegal regime will be deemed void abinitio. How can you have a legal transaction with an illegal regime?

To opportunists and coup supporters like Punja, Niranjan, Tapoos, Lala, Paroshotam, Motibhai, Overseas Investors, etc you are all put you on notice and you better sell off now and scam. If you have or are contemplating entering into any business deals with the illegal regime or its supporters, then beware because you stand to lose everything when a lawful elected government comes into power.

One of the objectives of SWM is to hold future elected governments accountable and transparent and one way will be to strongly recommend that it enact laws revoking all illegal transactions entered into the by the illegal regime, especially those involving state assets for personal benefits of the coup perpetrators or supporters. If you think you are deriving such great benefits now, then beware because you stand to lose everything.

‘Na veika vinaka e kune ena vei sala dredre’

Tui Savu.

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  1. Koya na Man permalink
    December 11, 2009 12:38 AM

    Sa qai basika tu qo nodratou con.. kei na corrupt na mataivalu :

    1)Peresitedi – eveli
    2)Pm – Vore
    3)Defender/nce – eveli
    4)Enviromente – samu matua
    5)informer – Lewinsky / Lewena

    ni qai vakaotia mai na vo ni tutu vakamatanitu e ra wasea na goneyalewa mai delai nabua.

    vacava me ra form taka mada e dua na nodratou party me da toso yani e na veidigidigi, sa dua na i tovo vagonegonea ka lamulamu ni ra rerevaki Koya na man tiko o Qarase.O koya e sega ni vakamataivalu io ka sega ni tamata lasulasu.

    Ratou vakayaragi tiko, veivakatotogani tiko, vacava mo dou vakaraitaka ni tiko na yalo vakatagane me da veidigidigi mada ka mo dou taura talega vakatagane nai sau ni vua viri me vaka na tagane e no koto e Naboro qori(Speight) waraka tiko nomudou curu yani.

    Sa dri yani.

  2. Mark Manning permalink
    December 11, 2009 1:10 PM

    Costa Rica, no regular military :-

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