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Fiji’s bogus economy keeps slipping

October 27, 2009

The economic news keeps getting bleak for Fiji, yet its apologists keep trying to spin their web of deceit in the face of reality. Air Pacific is quickly turning into Air Pathetic and its coup appointed Board Members have blamed everything from the global crisis to increase in fuel prices, but conveniently ignore the disastrous impact of Franks coup!

Air Pacific Managing Director, John Campbell, said “although every effort was made to generate improved revenue and remove costs, the global downturn, high fuel prices and Fiji’s unique circumstances meant that revenue could not be generated sufficiently or costs removed rapidly enough to eliminate this loss.” (emphasis mine)

“Services were adjusted during the year with the withdrawal of loss making Honolulu-Vancouver flights, the introduction and suspension of services to Coolangatta, the cancellation of the loss making Tokyo route and the withdrawal of Nadi-Christmas Island-Honolulu services because of airport deterioration on Christmas Island. Services to Funafuti were added and proved to be successful.”


Folks, John Campbell’s ‘unique circumstance’ is reference to Frank’s coup and its disastrous consequences. Look at all the services being withdrawn! It will get bleaker and Air Pacific may be forced into liquidation because of the onslaught of other international carriers, such as Jet Star and V Australia into Fiji.

RBF Governor usurper Sada Reddy on the other hand told a group of Finance Specialists in Nadi yesterday ‘its policy efforts to cushion the Fiji economy against the global financial crisis and other natural disastrous has been successful’ reports FBCL. What a lot of crap and this folks is from the mouths of people who are supposed to ‘educated and professional!

However you look at it folks, the cost of this military coup is so devastating and I wonder how long will it take for Fiji to fully recover from it! Why should innocent Fijians have a pay the heavy price for selfish power plays and self-preservation by a select few? Enough is enough and this coup culture should stop by bringing all involved to justice!

Once again vinaka FIJI SILENCED for this picture. Keep creating them for all to use.

  • Tui Savu.
  • President.
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  1. Mark Manning permalink
    October 27, 2009 1:08 PM

    I wonder if Fijians born from 1967 for example, really understand the extent to which the 4 coups have had on their way of life !
    And this will continue, as Tui rightly points out, way into the future.
    Basically, anyone born from 1967 and right up to 2019, will be directly effected and probably a generation after that.

  2. ofa permalink
    October 27, 2009 1:09 PM

    Yes the label ‘Fiji’s uniques circumstances’ says it. It is unique that a dictator can rule without as much a a whimper of protest from the population. There were more than 20 attempts on Hitler’s life and a considerable number of brave man and woman have given their lives in the resistance movement against the dictator. While mass protests toppled dictators in Pakistan, Romania, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Uganda, South Africa etc etc, Fiji is unique in its silence.

    It is also unique with respect to its opportunistic politicians and hangers on. There are still many who believe that making a deal with the dictator will be beneficial to them.

    Unique is also the softness of its regional neighbors. While leaders such as Somare have joint the choir of apologists and have re-defined what a military dictatorship is supposed to mean in the Pacific, Australia, New Zealand, the EU and the US are hesitant with a bit of travel ban for regime supporters and some cancellation of aid. If these western nations were serious about sanctions the story would be long over.

    Unique is also the stupidity of Fiji’s military. It appears that rank and file fail to see that Banimarama is undermining their interests for his own benefits. Peace keeping will cease and members of the military forces will become the outcasts of the society. When the whole regime will come crushing down, the soldiers will be the big losers.

    Last but not least, Fiji is unique as it seems to produce leaders whose stupidity borders the bizarre. How on earth can first rate morons and cranks like Banimarama and Rambuka (god told him to stage a coup) get to lead a country? And how on earth can Aiarse be AG and Banimarama’s closest advisor?….Only in Fiji!

  3. lastpolarbear permalink
    October 27, 2009 1:30 PM

    Man is not an island ;-
    PACER Plus Pacific nations ex-Fiji establish timeline

    Tell that to all the people who have lost homes, their jobs and their life savings etc. ;-
    Fiji has survived global crisis says RBF

    Fiji clamp on Kuwait jobs scheme

  4. lastpolarbear permalink
    October 27, 2009 1:44 PM

    I think that Fiji’s problems go way way back, perhaps even before colonial rule.
    As someone once stated here, Democracy is an evolving thing and maybe these coups have become a part of that evolution.
    There are now and there will remain in the future, many issues for Fijians and it’s government to sort out.
    But only Fijians can do that sorting.
    Perhaps, just perhaps, it is time to sit down and have a South African style, Truth and Reconciliation Commission to help resolve those issues.
    I remember in 1987, how many Fijians were anti Indian and happy to back an illegal overthrow of the Fijian Government.
    The result of that coup, led to yet another in 2000, where many Fijians were killed, sadly, by fellow Fijians.
    And now, we’re faced with a band of desperadoes who are only concerned about themselves, their immediate families and avoiding jail at all costs.
    the reality is, in each coup, Fijians backed one side or the other, to their own detriment.
    Perhaps Fijians are sloooooooooooow learners, but I’ve noticed that each time there is a coup, everyone suffers !
    If the leaders of Fiji stood up to Frank and Co. there may have been unbelievable bloodshed, but then again, there may not have been too !

  5. Peace Pipe permalink
    October 27, 2009 2:51 PM

    Like the saying goes Ofa, “only in Fiji”. Only in Fiji we have an idiot running a country. Only in Fiji the army can walk in and take over government anytime they feel like. That’s unique. But what’s common is the desire to bring justice upon the perpetrators for their crimes against humanity. I agree that this coup would have fizzled away had a more stringent stand taken by all. As it is it looks now crank frank is daring others to do something and he is willing to sacrifice the nation if other countries apply drastic punitive measures. He will take the country down with him.

    Another anomaly is the UN. This is one organisation which is at odds with the purpose it was set up for. They are so laid back and did not even sanction the regime for what they have done. In fact it seem like they accept the situation and accept that frank is the legit pm of Fiji by inviting him to address the unga. I remember there was a UN fact finding team here several months ago. So far I have not heard any reports from this group. Seems like they just came for a holiday the bunch of useless jerks.

    Mark you seem to be the one with the know how. Can you contact the UN for their report on that fact finding mission and what was the crux of their finding.

  6. Mark Manning permalink
    October 28, 2009 4:59 PM

    Done :-
    Dear Sir / Madame
    In the past, I have often e-mailed your Organisation and among other requests, encouraged it to reject the Peace Keeping Deployments from Fiji, for the purpose of denying the Regime there, extra revenue from those deployments.
    Today, from one of the blog sites opposed to Commander Frank Bainimarama and his illegal Regime in Fiji, I have been directly asked to contact the United Nations.
    Given that so many highly qualified Native Fijians, Lawyers, Ministers and the like, have probably already contacted you, there is a growing frustration and disappointment it seems, from amongst the average Fijian.
    I am sending you the e-mail to which I am referring.

    There’s little to nothing that I can do as an individual, a white man, an Australian Citizen, but support, protest, write and e-mail on behalf of Fijians.
    I implore you to at least make it clear to Fijians, that the united Nations does not accept the Regime, nor the behaviour past and present, of it’s current Commander and pretend Prime Minister, Frank Bainimarama.
    Thank you
    Mark A. Manning

  7. Nostradamus permalink
    October 30, 2009 7:09 AM

    Latest runour is that FHL has shown a $55 million profit for last year. If so, I should think they would be more than eager to distribute the evidence in the form of audited accounts in their Annual Report. But we hear that shareholders are finding them less than transparent. Why?
    My guess is that their liquidation of assets to finance the BP fiasco is somehow showing up in the accounts as a “profit”. Perhaps this is capital gains from the sale of their golden Fiji Bitter shares to massage Sharon’s religious (kua ni dau gunu) needs, but in fact that profit would have been a result of share value increases over a long period, and attributable to the former management, not the jokers who are there now.

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