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Criminal absorbed into Fiji Police Force charged of driving stolen vehicle

October 6, 2009
Well bloggers, what did you expect from convicted killers and criminals being fast tracked into the Fiji Police Force or reinstated back in the Armed Forces as part of the Yellow Ribbon Project?Did you truly think, they would become exemplary Officers of the law? The Yellow Ribbon Project, which orginated in Singapore never contemplated convicted killers and criminals like Francis Kean, Patrick Nayacalagilagi, Taione Lua, Ulaisi radike, Etonio nadura, Ratunaisa Toutou, Joeli Lesavua, Laisa Kurimavua, Napolioni Naulia (Sakiusa Rabaka’s killers), Marika Vuniwawa (Nimilote Verebasaga’s killer) and  Saimoni Rokotunidau being absorbed back in the Disciplined Forces!

This lie Frank’s illegal junta have tried to propagate via the Yellow Ribbon Project is now starting to show its true colours. It will not stop here because Francis Kean and his fellow Military Officers all have blood on their hands and their own colleagues will accuse them of this fact, when the shit hits the fan. Their own colleagues are already treating them differently as they are no longer welcome to their homes as before.

It aint going away and is always present in their subconscious mind to accuse them, when they are alone. They are condemned to a life of misery and their redemption lies in seeking forgiveness from the families of the victim and resigning from this evil junta!

Teleni is only wasting taxpayer’s monies as he tries to mass convert people into his lies and now with his Police Road Show, after the last minute cancellation of the planned Nationwide Christian Crusade. He should be held accountable and taken to task for his serious policy blunder like in Saimoni Rokotunidau’s case.

His lies continue to ridicule him because he does not realise that true conversion comes from divine transformation and anything short of this like the Yellow Ribbon Project, ends up with people like Saimoni Rokotunidau, who instead of a divine transformation 180 degree turnaround, they perform a 360 degrees turn around and are right back from where they started, but worse!

‘Religion is for the birds, but Christ is for real people!’

Tui Savu. President.

Publish date/time: 06/10/2009 [07:33]

Re-known criminal Saimoni Rokotunidau who was recently absorbed into the police force under the Yellow Ribbon project, and spoke early this year that he is a changed man during the nationwide police crusade appeared in the Nasinu Magistrates court yesterday charged with allegedly driving a stolen vehicle.

He appeared before Magistrate Alofa Seruvatu and told the court that his plea be defer to seek legal advice and he has been remanded in custody till the 16th of this month.

Police spokesperson Sergeant Atunaisa Sokomuri said Rokotuinidau is no longer with the force as he was given a chance to leave his criminal past behind, but he has not changed.

Meanwhile, Police Commissioner Esala Teleni will launch the Police Road Show at Sukuna Park this morning after the planned Nationwide Christian Crusade was cancelled yesterday.

Sokomori said the new format will focus on awareness on the different departments of the Police Force.

The main focus of the roadshow is to give the members of the public the chance to visit selected areas around the country and find out how the departments of the force operate and how they can assist the community.

Police Deputy Director Operations, Erami Raibe said although they will have a church service at Sukuna Park, the main focus now is on the Roadshow.

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  1. Mark Manning permalink
    October 6, 2009 12:02 PM

    ” I have a dream ”
    only thing is, it’s turned into a nightmare !'s%20Acting%20President%20Says%20Country%20'Must%20Not%20Be%20Deterred%20From%20Scaling%20Heights

  2. Keep The Faith permalink
    October 6, 2009 12:27 PM

    Where’s Ema Mua? This needs a MAJOR PR spin effort – LMAO.

  3. Mark Manning permalink
    October 6, 2009 1:40 PM

    The Soldiers currently in the Military are showing just how gullible they truly are – :
    it’s as if they have pledged allegiance to Frank Bainimarama himself !
    Oh, hang on, they have !

  4. October 6, 2009 1:59 PM


    the Fiji Military is no longer an honourable institution, when they no longer swore alligence to the institution, but to the person of Frank Bainimarama.

    This in a nutshell is DIKTATORSHIP folks!

  5. October 6, 2009 3:01 PM

    BTW folks,

    Police Roadshow, sounds very much like a circus to me.

    De clown ko ketepoka!!!

  6. EnufDictatorship permalink
    October 6, 2009 4:21 PM

    And then the house of cards came tumbling down!!!!!!!!!!


  7. October 6, 2009 8:09 PM

    The Air time that this crusade & roadshow had was just so much…but in the end what happens…no crusade but only the roadshow. Or are we expecting fireworks at the end of the week-long? month-long? event extrordinaire? Are they gonna save the “best” (qo kei Atu) for the last? Or has PSC, as the employer, demanded answers from the police force in trying to get other civil servants on their bandwagon without prior permission?
    And, what a laugh when in the end the criminal-turned-police officer-turned criminal-again ends up in shit. Yeah! I agree to an explanation from Dimila & co. and Naivalurua about the yellow ribbon program…how ironic when its yellow ribbon month!!! A sa qai tu na ddddaaaahhhh!

  8. October 7, 2009 8:47 AM

    LMAO!!!! Roadshow first, crusade later….due to lack of support from its own people!!! Have they now realised that they have all along been the laughing stock of the nation and world. What say you Teletubby! OMG! lai vulica mada e so na basic Englisi….maybe wifey can take that up because I shudder at what others say when they hear you speaking in public Teletubby…that goes for Pio and no doubt the illegal dictator if he did not have speech prepared for him….just my observation!!! Wailei, na koco i tutu gona, can’t blame the mentality!

  9. Scorpion permalink
    July 2, 2010 5:43 PM

    For your kind information Sai Rokotuinadau was released before the Yellow RIbbon Project was even brought over to Fiji.

    Thot you should know!!!! Besides he was never part of the Yellow Ribbon Project to begin with!!!!
    Rokotuinadau was released way back in 2006, the Yellow Ribbon Project came into being in October 2008.

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