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Frank – the international pariah!

September 25, 2009

Bloggers, well the idiot Frank continues to be taught lessons in real politick! He states that it would be impossible for NZ PM John Keys to boycott his UN Speech on Saturday and Mr. Keys should respect the agenda of accepts Fiji as a member.

What this moron fails to understand is that eventhough the UN is an independent body and even the US cannot stop its ‘enemies’ from attending, its members can vote with their feet, which is exactly what Mr. Keys says he is going to do and you know what Frank, there ain’t nothing you can do about it.

Look at the empty seats at the UN  when Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad addressed the General Assembly yesterday? Also the fact Frank is scheduled to speak on Saturday speaks volumes about how important he is in the scale of things. Most of the UN Leaders will leave for the weekend and he will be speaking to an empty General Assembly because the main powers will not waste their time to hear him.

The EU has extended its total sanctions of $338m to be reviewed in March next year. This is a huge blow to Frank and his illegal regime.

Josefa Iloilo’s opening the original Great Council of Chiefs House at Draiba today is a major breach of protocol. As Raw Fiji News correctly pointed out, Draiba comes under the Burebasaga Confederacy and Iloilo should know better than open this complex, especially when its original intention was to house the Great Council of Chiefs, which his illegal junta scrapped and to add salt to the wound, Ro Temumu Kepa the Paramount Chief of the Burebasaga Confederacy is currently charged under the PER he approved!

The biggest slight came from the Royal Family in England when they refused to send a representative, indicating their disapproval of this illegal regime and support for the real Chiefs of Fiji.

Frank can only guarantee Fiji turmoil and suffering and more of that in the coming days, so wake up people and stop pretending this idiot will make Fiji better because if you do, than you are a bigger fool than he!

  • Tui Savu.
  • President. 
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  1. Peace Pipe permalink
    September 25, 2009 11:14 AM

    And who likes to hear him anyway. His voice and the garbage he talks about only makes listeners cringe from disgust at how someone could be so low, shallow and empty to claim that he is the leader and representative of a sovereign country. It is good he is getting a bad reception at the UN since he really deserves it – a pariah treatment. Come on Ban ki moon by now you should realise all the bull crap this dictator is on about and chastise the bastard and tell him in his face no more peacekeepers till Fiji is normalised i.e. back to elections and democracy. All these diplomatic niceties is not working towards early restoration but in favour of the dictator who has this feeling that it is okay what he is doing.

  2. Mark Manning permalink
    September 25, 2009 1:55 PM

    Like Frank Bainimarama, a coward to the end :-

  3. EnufDictatorship permalink
    September 25, 2009 4:11 PM

    Mr. Savu…I also thought the same yesterday when I read that news about Voreqe saying that NZ cannot boycott his speech.

    Oh! my someone is definitely living in La-laland. He obviously doesn’t read the news to be kept abreast with developments around him. Only choosing to believe that he is IT! Sorry Fulori, the European countries already coordinated beforehand their walk-out moment when Ahmejinedad took to the stage. Then other countries like Australia and NZ followed suit.

    As for your insignificant speech, John Key and his fellow NZealanders can CHOOSE to BOYCOTT your speech. And read my lips – THEY HAVE RIGHT AND THE FREEDOM TO DO JUST THAT! And probably CHOOSE to spend their Saturday with their family and friends in the Big Apple sightseeing or something to better use their time.

    John Key, an elected PM doesn’t have the time to waste on insignificants like you, Voreqe because he has bigger elected democratic leaders to meet like President Obama! (which he did btw)…yey..another check for democracy!

  4. Mark Manning permalink
    September 26, 2009 10:50 AM

    It will be interesting to see if support for Frank and Co. by these disloyal bunch of money hungry, cowardly Soldiers continues now that the sugar train is finally coming to a screeching halt !
    The once fine reputation of the RFMF has been tarnished forever by those Officers and Soldiers still in the Military and it will be interesting indeed to see if they are willing to wrest back that reputation or if it’s just money that drives them.
    From coupfourandahalf,25/09/2009 :-

  5. September 26, 2009 1:33 PM

    Sa rauta mada Tui Savu!!!!……….Majority of us here in Fiji have accepted the reality and move on!. Of course there are few exceptions!. Losers like ED, anon, NV, MM and may be two more regular idiots who care to support your 1cent shit!!!. Ni gole mai Viti meda mai vei tauri liga taka na i tavi o sa dro taka!. Kua mada na koli ni kaidia!…..kodro yawa tikoga mai ka sega na betena!. Bau mai tagane!……..bau mai mo mai dosi vakabukabu!. Oiauwe a veika ko weroka toka mai e ta mai dua a kena vei keimami!. Valata ga mai a masu!………ke ko ta via masulaka mai a wetatou vanua lomani ko Viti ia me sa dua ga yani a dali ki domomu mo yali yani vakadua ka tawa bo tale!.

  6. ex Fiji tourist permalink
    September 26, 2009 5:45 PM

    Oh dear the village idiot in the moronic military cell has been let loose on a computer again.

    I suppose fj will be ordered to stay up all night to listen to the drivel from bananasinpyjamas; that will make 5.

    One has to feel sorry for the poor president of the UN GA; he has to sit there and try to not burst out laughing whilst bananasinpyjamas mumbles his lies.

  7. Atu Vulaono permalink
    September 26, 2009 6:07 PM

    Flo Jo

    O Tui a turaga qaqa vacava mada o kemuni o ni totaka tiko qori e dua na daulaba drau veivutusona ga kei Bainimarma,luveni tamata kawa ca sona levu sa kilai tiko na vanua o tiko kina.

  8. Green Army permalink
    September 26, 2009 9:29 PM

    Flo Jo, if you cannot give you real name like Tui then lako lai sili tabutabu sili

  9. September 27, 2009 3:15 AM

    Atu!… sa cu oti vei Voreqe!……sa corrupt mai na nona matamanitu qo!!!…drau vakaukauwa tiko!!…dou kua ni suka i muri!!!….!!!…….. Atu….dua mai na masu!… mate kina o Voreqe na vuaka

  10. Mark Manning permalink
    September 27, 2009 9:22 AM

    Flo Jo
    God won’t ask :-

  11. LUVfiji permalink
    September 27, 2009 10:29 AM

    The low-key opening to the $million complex at Draiba is a contrast to the lavish spending, so unnecessary, on an elaborate meeting house specifically made for the chiefs of Fiji. Thanks to the royal snub! Whether the chiefs, as GCC, get to use this complex remains to be seen.

    The timing of the opening is interesting.

    Voreqe conveniently away. Was he really responsible for the dissolution of the chiefly body or was it that rat-bag sporting a weird ‘mou’ dotted at each end and pretending to be PM of this country. Oh that was his baby afterall? So he bloddy thinks!

    Didnt get a glimpse of wife in the pics splashed on
    Well I guess she stays away from these functions. Younger sister easily outshines her.

    Spotted some cheap trick from ftib shadowing fhl’s dragon queen. Era sa torotoroi ira cake sara tiko eso. Io vinaka, gaunisala balavu eda ciciva tiko yani ‘qo.

    Rev it up Savu!

    osobo Flo Jo.. ruru tu mada yani.

  12. ex Fiji tourist permalink
    September 27, 2009 12:07 PM

    bananasinpyjamas’ lies, deception and hypocrisy know no boundaries.

    Mumbling to a near empty UN chamber, bananasinpyjamas proved to the UN GA president that Fiji is being taken backwards by a madman who uttered:-

    “Fiji is a small nation and our people pose no threat to anyone, least of all to the big powers of the South Pacific who have arrogated to themselves to dictate to us our future and the way we govern ourselves.”

    A few points from this nonsense;

    1. “”our people pose no threat to anyone””. Unfortunately, ‘his people aka. the moronic military’ are the biggest threat to the decent citizens of Fiji. It has been the green goons who have bashed men to death,
    stripped women naked ,
    kicked pregnant women,
    arbitrarily arrested people without charge,
    sent death notices to the Australian High Commissioner,
    firebombed houses,
    released murderers from jail,

    2. “”powers of the South Pacific who have arrogated to themselves to dictate to us our future and the way we govern ourselves””

    I am glad that he used the term ‘dictate’ in that nonsense as that word sums him and his jaundiced junta up so neatly; ‘dictators’.

    Maybe bananas should look in a mirror and see who is dictating the way that Fijians govern themselves.

  13. Mark Manning permalink
    September 27, 2009 12:27 PM

    Frank’s silly address to the U.N. :-

  14. September 28, 2009 10:50 AM

    sa qai i vei ga na vateratera koya a caka voli tiko mai nai vakatekivu. don’t need aus, don’t need nz, don’t need so’n so’n so…….

    cava sa qai tu qo bloody ulukau, numbskull.

    come on flex your muscle mr. strongman, you now sound like a kitten kicked on the stomach…..ouch….cava tale na valomalomani koya tiko…

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