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The true cost of treason! Is it worth it?

September 9, 2009

Bloggers, the stress signs coming out from Fiji is critical and something is going to give way soon, but what? The illegal junta continues on their merry ways, yet everything around them is crumbling to dust. Sereana Qoro and the FHL Board lied about reaching an amicable resolution with BP Oil at no cost to its Shareholders. They have now been exposed as having forfeited some $3.720 million in the process! FNPF accepting a bidder for their Natadola Project ended up with a net loss of some $39 million of its Members monies as well. Air Pacific is losing its market share at an alarming rate and it looks very likely they will; be consumed by Qantas, Virgin Blue or another international carrier. There are many other tragic stories that all lament of great losses and the sad fact is many of these industries will never recover and go into extinction.

This folks is the real cost of treason!

People try and justify Frank’s coup as bloodless as Rabuka’s in 1987, but they conveniently ignore the fact, that even though no human lives were actually lost in the act of the coup, its flow on consequences was bloody! For instance  the breakdown of law, order and discipline resulted in the deaths of Sakiusa Rabaka, Nimilote Verebasaga, Tevita  Malasebe & Josefa Baleiloa.

The depression, stress and anxiety affecting Fiji citizens today must be horrendous but more disconcerting is its devastating impact on Fiji’s future, its children. Fiji is robbed and denied the opportunity of having great leaders for the next 20-40 years. Remember the tragic incident at QVS sometime ago when the Head Boy and other school leaders were reprimanded for taking the law unto their own hands?

This and other tragic incidents mentioned above are only the tip of the ice berg of the collateral damage Fiji is paying for condoning treason!

The reasoning because Franks coup was bloodless is okay compared to bloody ones is simply false because its flow on effects and collateral damage actually kills more lives by causing people to be depressed, anxiety, depression and even suicide. It has pushed Fiji’s development back some 20-40 years!

Stand up Fiji and stop these murderers and villains from continuing to suck the life and vitality out of your country!

  • Tui Savu.
  • President.
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  1. September 9, 2009 1:59 AM

    If he and his cronies are only meeting the commonwealth delegation, then the delegation is wasting its time going to Fiji.
    A democratic society is ruled by the by for the people by people elected by the people.
    What is all this crepe of getting rid of corruption when he and his cronies are corrupt. Remove the log from your eye so you can see corruption.
    What you are doing now is corruption by denying the people the democratic right which is God given to choose what is good for them.
    Not your personal agenda.

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