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Fiji not yet suspended – yeah right!

September 2, 2009

 Bloggers,well the lies just keeps coming and smacking them back in the face! Fiji has been suspended from the Commonwealth period! The pro-illegal junta FBCL tries to propagate lies as well and bring shame to this once well respected media outlet, which all peoples of Fiji used to rely upon as their sole source of media before FM 96 and TV. What a bunch of fools! What does it make their supporters?

Tui Savu.

Wednesday, September 02, 2009


The Fiji Government says it has yet to be suspended from the Commonwealth.

This was confirmed to FBC News by government spokesperson Lieutenant Colonel Neumi Leweni this morning.

Leweni said Government has yet to receive any official statement from the Commonwealth it has been suspended.

The Military man made the statement after their had been reports in local and overseas media that the Commonwealth has fully suspended Fiji and that it had refused to bow to demands to call for elections by next year.

He said all that has been said are assumptions – nothing concrete – and nothing official.

Fiji Broadcasting Corporation

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  1. Soqo Lewenivanua permalink
    September 2, 2009 1:25 AM

    Folks Ului sent for Teleni and Leweni to report to FMF HQ but pig Voreqe told them not to attend.

  2. lastpolarbear permalink
    September 2, 2009 1:41 AM

    Frank and Co.’s reality !
    Fantasia :-

    Or is it ?
    The Twilight Zone :-

    Has he, ” lost Command ” :-

  3. Roko permalink
    September 2, 2009 4:01 AM

    Whatever attention or fond regard supporters of this regime may shew them it goes with saying the mass degradation of our country may be ample in their eyes but it must never be ample in ours.

    For such is the magnitude of their barbarity and their insatiable desire for wealth they have collectively sodomised the country to the point of no return, all the while debasing the scared institution we as a civilized nation hold so dear our humanity and morality.

    While we rumble through the ashes of our past it is patently clear the causes of our predicament is not as elementary as they would have us believe for it is within our inherent psyche lies the biggest bogey-man of all our pretentious ideals.

    It is our individual inability to unite under a banner of brother/sister hood no matter what sector of the nation one hails from we shall and forever will remain in moribund otherwise.

    We need to collectively remove the shackles and set the bogey-man free which has restrained us from pursuing our destination and free Fiji once and for all.

    The nation is facing the biggest calamity of all with the expulsion from the Commonwealth and yet these lowlife sus-scrofa’s and their partners in crime seem to take all ills in their stride.

    Fiji can survive its buffoons and even those that acquire wealth legitimately but it will survive the rapaciousness of these immoral thugs.

    The strength is within us let’s unite and fight for our land and restore Democracy to our nation.

    Take No Prisoners.

  4. Roko permalink
    September 2, 2009 4:03 AM


    Fiji can survive its buffoons and even those that acquire wealth legitimately but it will NOT survive the rapaciousness of these immoral thugs.

  5. Frida permalink
    September 2, 2009 4:15 AM

    Woilei – Aljazeera was reporting last night that fiji was suspended from the commonwealth.

  6. Peace Pipe permalink
    September 2, 2009 6:00 AM

    Typical living in denial of the defeated. Sort of reminded me of the last days of Saddam when his defence minister was saying the defences were still holding strong whilst in the background his guards were being routed and the enemies moving in. Its funny because this morning as I tuned in to FM96 I heard the full text of British foreign minister and Commonwealth Secretariat stating in no uncertain terms that Fiji was suspended from the Commonwealth. So in whose context is Fiji still a member of the CW. Probably in Lewenky’s and in coup coup land. Lets pray that more actions will be still forthcoming especially the termination of the existing UN peacekeeping contracts. UN should take its cue from the decision announced by the Commonwealth. More punitive actions should be taken against these criminals.

    There was also another issue on calls for tourists to stop visiting Fiji as this condones and financially supports the military regime. To this Aust Fiji Business council president said this would hurts ordinary Fijians. That may be true but it would hurt more the hotels and the regime as they will not be getting the money from absent tourist. Workers too in the short term. But We just want to choke this regime out of existence who seem to be clinging on only for the money so the call for tourist to stay out for the time being is a good one.

  7. ex Fiji tourist permalink
    September 2, 2009 7:34 AM

    Peace Pipe,

    I fully agree with all the points you raise above.

    The sight of saddam’s spokesman denying the Americans were in Baghdad whilst marines were moving behind him highlighted the litany of lies churned out by Saddam’s dictatorship.

    10 years later, we have the mumbling looney bugler churning out lies for the incompetent dictator, bananasinpyjamas.

    I think bananasinpyjamas choose the bugler to be the mouthpiece of the jaundiced junta due to the physical similarities with the Iraq chap.

    It is great to see Fiji TV give major disaster the prime spot each night to mumble some lies as it shows the people of Fiji the incompetence of the moronic military to run the country. Every time the crappy censors allow loony to go to air, the more people can see the hesitation and uncertainty in his voice and eyes. As a dedicated liar, he is constantly thinking about his previous lies before adding more.

    It will be interesting tonight to see its reaction to the suspension from the Commonwealth. Surely the athletes and rugby players who will miss out on the Commonwealth games next year must be spewing.

    Let’s hope they air their disquiet.

    The UN must now suspend Fijian soldiers from all peacekeeping; it is immoral not to do so.

    It was a great call by the journalists to ask tourists to not visit Fiji. It is not the workers who would lose money but the junta through taxes.

    It is time for Australia and NZ to upgrade their travel warnings to emphasize the lack of a judicial system, the incompetence of the police to do anything and the complete lack of human rights in the country.

  8. Tim permalink
    September 2, 2009 9:52 AM

    ……and if anyone listened to the BBC World Service Radio this morning, they will have heard the buffoon Leweni so utterly full of Ummmmm’s and arrrrrrrrrrrrse’s, that it required a voice-over (a la in the vein of a translation) to be in anyway understandable.
    God Almighty – we all have our embarassments – Jonkey is newzilluns, but that friggen buffoon takes the cake.
    What a friggen chirade.
    And by the way, has anyone noticed how the slightly more intelligent of the coupsters of 2006 (including those in academia, business, Fiji’s supposed proud specimens) have quietly slunk away exercising their cowardly exit strategies in the ope they might someday return as heroes.
    Frank better pray its 2014, but no doubt he’s got a New Methodist movement (let’s not give it the status of religion) to emboulden him.
    Fuckwits of the world unite……mutate before the rush….and all that. Meanwhile the rest of us will either get off our chuffs, OR continue pissing in the wind.

  9. Tim permalink
    September 2, 2009 10:08 AM

    Can someone inform me – I genuinely want to know…….Are Fijians generally masochistic in psyche?
    For God’s Sake!, flick through the current regime, one by one. I mean their credentials.
    Opportunidsm, outright lying, dimwittedness, only propped up by those prepared to labour under extreme political correctness.
    Economic advisors who’ve learned their lingo and ideology rote
    Army Commodores and their little cabal that are not only as thick as pigshit with no leadership qualities but that have personality disorders and who have to BUT support
    The judiciary – where should we begin?? Some well intentioned but who’ve forgotten basic principles – probably out of fear (actually exterme fear)
    A load of asshole Australians and New Zealanders as opportunists taking whatver advantage of the situation they can (across the spectrum – from hoteliers to Grey-Away solicitors geeral who are so unsure of their sitation they feel the need to challenge any adverse comment against them – and by the way – there’s a Pryde of lions waiting in the homeland for a return to open those little skeletons in a closet) WHAT A PRATT of the first order!
    Shaista’s, Bubba’s (let’s not get into that increasingly pudgy little pratt’s past – he should be praying 2014 as well).
    I feel sorry for Leweni actually. But it’s only because he’s the bandmaster with fuck all musical talent, which is supposed to be his forte. Which makes me wonder why he thinks his strengths lay in media liaison. A tit on a bull is a tit on a bull I suppose. Just as a Bainimarama on the arse of Fiji is a pimple on the arse of Fiji.
    It’s fucking pathetic, AND IT HAS BEEN FROM 2006!.
    Time to wake the fuck up!

  10. Tim permalink
    September 2, 2009 10:13 AM

    Scuse the typos – the first of which is “BUY support” not But support. So kill me by RFMF gunshot. I’d be guaranteed of survival – especially if Fwank the Fwuckwit gave the order.

    But at least I can rest easy in the knowledge that while Fwank and cohorts cry foul, and plead just how hard bloody done by they are, those in surrounding nations have actually got his number.
    Whether they choose to bite the bullet and do something about it, or just engineer a second round sometime in the future by indulging the little pratt is up to them.

  11. Mark Manning permalink
    September 2, 2009 10:21 AM

    Tim, your on a role !
    and I have to say, I’m overwhelmed at the exuberance of your verbosity !

  12. Tim permalink
    September 2, 2009 10:49 AM

    Yes I know Mark – I havn’t made comment in a while, and my fingers are still slightly larger than the keys on the keyboard. But really – probably like you, I do wonder why Frank (among many others) have been indulged for as long as they have.
    I sincerely hope the Chaudrey’s, the Shaista’s, the Chris Pryde’s, the Jocelyn Scutts, the colonials feigning concern, are not forgotten when it comes time to pay the piper. But of course they’ll have to line up behind Fwank, Leweni, Driti, Teleni (of a military identity that swore to uphold certain things), then those that put them up to it – including wannabe’s like Bubba and Shaista.

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