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Momi sells for a great loss

August 26, 2009
25 Aug 2009 18:23:53


Bloggers, I say where there is smoke, there is fire. This is the outcome of Felix Anthony, James Dutta and coup supporters when they took over the reins of the legally appointed FNPF Board. The taxpayers of Fiji have lost some $39 million dollars plus the extravagant ex Directors Board Fees. Time will reveal the true cost of their blunder through their illegal appointments to the Board.  I wonder whether the new bidder is in any way connected to the illegal junta or any of the past or present directors? Only time will tell.

Felix Anthony and James Dutta should not think for a moment they will be spared when prosecutions against all coup perpetrators and supporters will commence because I know their countries of refuge will gladly give them up when extradition applications are filed within the respective jurisdictions. What goes round folks, comes around.

  • Tui Savu.
  • President.

A bid price of 41 million dollars, was today accepted at the auction of the failed Momi Bay, resort property. The Fiji National Provident Fund had invested 80 million dollars into the project, and spear-headed today’s auction to re-coup that amount. The auction took place this afternoon, where a single buyer bid 41 million dollars. The starting hammer price was 30 million.

Bayleys Fiji’s, Philip Toogood says, negotiations will now begin with the successful bidder, on a final sale price. He refused to reveal the identity of the bidder. The 41 million dollar bid, is VAT inclusive. FNPF recently took over the project, after exercising its rights as a first mortgagee. The resort also had local and overseas investors.

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  1. Mark Manning permalink
    August 26, 2009 2:22 PM

    I was prepared to pay a string of beads !

    Is there any truth that Frank is trying to sell a couple of wharfs in Suva and airport terminals in Fiji to Dubai ?

  2. Mark Manning permalink
    August 26, 2009 11:01 PM

    Bula all !
    I don’t normally agree with john Howard, but this article is one Frank Bainimarama and co. should take notice of ;-

  3. Mark Manning permalink
    August 27, 2009 12:08 AM

    Is there any truth in the rumour that Frank is trying to sell 2 Airport Terminals and 2 wharfs in Suva ? Basically, 4 of Fiji’s Ports !

    Are the financial looses of the Regime, Hotel Resorts, Sugar Industry and Tourism etc. part of a strategy of those backing the Regime, to cripple Fiji’s economy so that it is incapable of stopping Foreign ownership of your Resorts, Ports, other infrastructure such as Telecommunications, Water, Electricity, roads and Bridges etc. and if so, will the sales include land next ?

    I’m asking myself, as some of you may finally be beginning to do in Fiji, where will it all end and at what point will Fijians resist ?

    What must happen before the indigenous Fijian stands up for what is his God given right ?

    Many people have said to me, two things :-
    Firstly, Mark, it’s easy for you to protest, you don’t live in Fiji !
    Secondly, we will leave it to the Lord to bring about an end to this Regime, in his own way and in his own time !

    Well, my answer is this:-
    Firstly, if I lived in Fiji, I would still be protesting, despite the dangers, because to do nothing, implies that one agrees with what is happening there.

    Secondly, one should not test the Lord, he expects you to stand up for your rights, in fact he demands it of you. It’s called free will.

    To sit idly by just praying, is not enough and to hide behind the Lord and use his will as an excuse for waiting for a sign, is in fact itself, sinful and an insult to the Almighty.

    You should not test the Lord :-

    If a small Child was being beaten by a neighbour, do you stand by and wait for the Lord to intervene ?
    Hopefully no !
    But probably yes, in Fiji !

    Fiji, I feel, is on the verge of no return !
    In just 2 years, it’s Cultural and Government Institutions, it’s Economy and it’s infrastructure have almost entirely been destroyed, by just one man, as many of you sit by, praying for intervention from the Lord

    A man was standing in the middle of a flooded field during a violent storm, as the water level rose and he slowly reached the point of no return , with the waters rising all around him, he called out to the LORD and said, LORD, if you love me and you want me to live, send me a sign !

    Just after his cry to the LORD, he was approached by a young man in a dinghy who offered him a ride, but the man refused , saying, I’m waiting for a sign from the Lord that he loves me and wants me to live !

    The waters continued to rise, and a Fireman who had just managed to make it through the rising waters, stopped and offered the man a lift, but again, he refused saying, I’m waiting for a sign from the LORD that he loves me and wants me to live.

    And so the man again refused an offer of help.

    By now the waters had risen so high, the man was in mortal danger and almost beyond reach of anybody, but luckily, a helicopter crew flew overhead and offered to pull the man out of the raging torrent, but yet again the man refused saying, I have asked the LORD to send me a sign and save me to show that he loves me, but he has not.

    Finally, the waters rose so high, there was nothing anyone could do to help the man, and he drowned !

    When he did finally reach heaven, he approached GOD and said, LORD when I was in the rising waters, I asked you to send me a sign that you loved me and that you wanted me to live, so why did you let me die, do you not love me ?

    God replied, I sent you a young man in a dinghy, a fireman and a helicopter and you refused my signs that I love you and want you to live !

    How many signs must the LORD send you ?

    The , the closing of the Gold Mine, Global recession, flooding in Nadi, Swine Flu, diseased cattle, 20% devaluation of the Fiji Dollar, unemployment, International travel bans on members in the Regime, increased poverty, pot holes, increase in people trafficking, substance abuse and sexual assaults amongst your women and children, increase in violent robberies, destruction of the sugar industry, failed investments in the private sector, early retirement, downsizing within the public sector ,etc. etc. !

    You should not test the LORD :-
    Luke 4 : 1 to 13.

  4. Mark Manning permalink
    August 27, 2009 12:26 AM

    Thou shalt not test the Lord thy God :-

  5. lastpolarbear permalink
    August 27, 2009 12:31 AM

    It’s now time for Rabuka to show Fijians just what stuff he is made of and to lead a peaceful protest of resistance against this Regime, after all, he started the coup culture in Fiji, he now has the power to bring it to an end !
    But does he have the will and courage and will he be supported by others from within Fiji ?

  6. August 27, 2009 8:21 AM

    What’s the bet it’s been won by one of Vore’s mates from Dehli or Beijing?
    God bless Fiji

  7. LUVfiji permalink
    August 27, 2009 11:17 AM

    I was thinking Dubai, FijiGirl?

    As you say, God bless Fiji!

  8. Frida permalink
    August 31, 2009 9:22 AM

    So where does the rest of the money come from as the property is sold at a loss? is some of my money there? who should we take to court? The group that initiated the deal or those that took it over by force and invited their friends to come in and fill their pockets while we the hard working workers of this country are turned away when we want a portion of our oney to buy our homes or they ask all kinds of questions that make people give up.

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