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Everyone knew 1997 constitution would be abrogated-PM

August 10, 2009
Bloggers, I am intrigued to find Frank courted by Al Jazeera and already he’s given several interviews. Well, he’s finally admited everyone knew he was going to abrogate the Constitution after his December coup. Folks, he was always going to do it if his plan to cajole the Fijian people into supporting his coup with the suport of the Mara’s, Ganilau’s and Nailatikau’s failed, which it did.

Now folk’s ain’t this proof enough for you that Frank, Teleni, Mara, Driti, etc knew his coup was illegal before executing it? His claim it a ‘Clean Up’ was a bunch of lies and he’s certainly made a lot of people look stupid including Arch Bishop Mataca and his loyal Fiji Military Forces!

His reasoning for abrogating the 1997 Constitution through Josefa Iloilo after the Fiji Court of Appeal’s ordered the appointment a neutral person to act as PM, which in his view was not in accordance with the Constitution, sounds so childish, greatly lacking intelligence and substance, when you compare his committing – TREASON!. He did it to save his own skin because the noose was getting tight around his neck!

Therefore people, why are you still blindly following this serial liar? To the Fiji Military Forces, how can you still follow his orders, when you know deep down inside yourself, his orders together with Ului Mara’s and Driti’s are all illegal?

How can you still claim you are only following orders to keep bread on the table, when you see the rest of Fiji disintegrating before your very eyes? How can you sleep at night, when the rest of Fiji weeps? When will you have the guts to say, SA RAUTA! SA YALA EKE!

Tui Savu.

Publish date/time: 10/08/2009 [07:37]

Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama has admitted for the first time that everyone knew that the 1997 constitution would have to be abrogated at some stage following the events of December 5th, 2006.

Speaking to a reporter from the Al Jazeera, Commodore Bainimarama was questioned why the constitution was removed when the Peoples Charter for Change stresses that the Constitution was the highest law of the land.

According to Bainimarama, the High Court ruling which called for a neutral person to be appointed Prime Minister of Fiji was not in accordance to the 1997 constitution.

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