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Bainimarama on SBS TV’s Dateline Program: Simplistic, Hypocritical, Ignorant

July 27, 2009

Yadra bloggers, this post was provided to us by Viti compliments from Teejayforafreefiji. Keep them coming folks and we will continue telling it like it is. This coward Bainimarama talks with so much wind because he knows he has all those spineless army boys behind him. Well guess what folks? The army boys watch the backs of Bainimarama, Qiliho, Leweni, Mara, Driti, Aziz, Saumatua, etc, but who watches their back? NO ONE! E SEGA NI DUA! ZILCH! One day Mafatu says the SWM Management Board.

Dictator Bainimarama did himself no favours on tonight’s SBS program, Dateline, on Australian television. Follow the link.

The Dictator was simplistic, hypocritical and ignorant about the realities of the consequences of his actions in April. The interviewer, Mark Davis, pulled no punches with his line of questioning.

Some of Bainimarama’s comments: –  

The Dictator’s response to questions included comments like:

” If I have to fight anyone, I’ll fight anyone.”

As for changes that he believes Fiji needs he stated “You need to have it done, today.” ( Really? Well what’s with the 2014 timeline – you don’t add up, Dictator)

When Davis asked if he could speak to Qarase, Bainimarama said: “I don’t want you to speak to him, it doesn’t make sense.”

Bainimarama also stated that his rule is not a military dictatorship.

Some thoughts on Bainimarama’s performance:-

1. Qarase participated in a democratic process and was voted into power by the people of Fiji. There is no such thing as a perfect democracy, but at least Fiji did have an evolving democracy. It is interesting to note that Qarase had an inclusive cabinet.

So, the question is rather obvious: Bainimarama raised the race card, claiming that the 1997 Constitution was racially based. Qarase’s inclusive cabinet tends to make Bainimarama’s claims rather tenuous. An evolving democracy, with an inclusive cabinet was ripped from the Fijian people.

2. The dictator’s comments on the Methodist Church were nothing short of an insult to the intelligence of many people within Fiji, and not just Methodists. And to add to the hypocrisy of the man, he was sporting a cross around his neck. He chose to ignore the spiritual aspects of the very people he claims to be helping. He ignored the fact the Church bodies do enormous community and humanitarian work. On this issue, he came across as rather stupid – it was completely about his power, to hell with everyone else.

3. His statement that the Pacific Island Forum is for the pacific island countries and really not for Australia and New Zealand was very ignorant. Obviously, both countries are geographically linked to the pacific and invests hundreds of millions of dollars in pacific countries. Many Pacific Islanders reside in both Australia and New Zealand. The PIFmeeting will be in Cairns in a couple of weeks. The major countries in the region play a key role in pacific affairs,whether Bainimarama likes it or not. This is another threat to his power (and ego)

4. Finally, his statement that “no one can bring about changes except the military, here, now,” indicates that he has no interest or faith in the Fijian people.

 It was clear from tonight’s interview, that Frank Bainimarama is the paramount leader of Fiji, that his Dictatorship is legitimate because he made it so. While Qarase, was an elected Prime Minister,Bainimarama has never faced the people.

He will never test himself with the electorate and for one good reason:

 Bainimarama’s interview tonight betrayed his attitude towards democracy – he doesn’t believe in it. His claim that 2014 will see a return to democracy is a lie.

I suggest that democracy will return over Frank Bainimarama’s dead body.

There is one solution, it seems: power must be wrested from him. And that, surely lies from those within the military with a conscience. And this will, in turn, come from a response to non violent, non cooperation that will come from the people. The Methodist Church leadership has set the ball rolling……..

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  1. ex Fiji tourist permalink
    July 27, 2009 11:48 PM

    Lets hope and pray that the Uniting / Methodist church in Australia will take the lead and inform their congregations from the pulpit about the atrocities taking place against Fijians.

    The Australian clergy should encourage their flock to abstain from holidays in Fiji as a way of opposing the decrepit military junta.

    This way, the message will get through to thousands each Sunday and they can then spread the word.

    It needs to be a concerted effort by all churches to oppose the corrupt dictatorship.

  2. Mark Manning permalink
    July 28, 2009 12:17 AM

    By taking on any Religious Faith, be it catholic, Methodist, Hinduism or Islam, Frank has opened a can of worms and won’t be able to put the lid back on now!
    Effectively, by this act of stupidity and defiance against the Methodist Congregation, he has taken a stand against all Religions, therefore, all the citizens of Fiji.
    Frank has gained absolutely nothing from this action.
    As for the SBS interview, I was disappointed that the reporter didn’t confront and challenge Frank as to the real reasons behind his actions of December the 5th. 2006.
    Why wasn’t Frank challenged about the investigation by Andrew Hughes, the then Fijian Police Commissioner, regarding his alleged involvement in the murders of 5 C.R.W. Soldiers in 2000, one of whom, wasn’t even on duty during the killing of other soldiers at the camp ?
    REST IN PEACE :- murdered by fellow Soldiers,
    Selesitano Kalounivale
    Jone Davui
    Epineri Bainimoli
    Lagani Rokowaqa
    Iowane Waseroma
    And why wasn’t Frank challenged about the murders of at least 4 unarmed Fijian civilians since December the 5th. 2006 ?
    REST IN PEACE :- murdered by Soldiers,
    Nimilote Verebasaga
    Sakiusa Rabaka
    REST IN PEACE :- murdered by Police,
    Tevita Malasebe
    Josefa Baleiloa
    Why again, wasn’t Frank challenged by the reporter, that all these atrocities and crimes against Humanity, happened while he was in Command, since 2000 ?
    And finally, why wasn’t Frank challenged about the illegal detentions, tortures and assaults at the Military Base, against unarmed, innocent, male and female Fijian citizens, again under his command ?

  3. July 28, 2009 12:26 AM

    His interview has no substance its more like a small kid being questioned.
    He does not know what he is talking about, its just a waste of time listening or reading his interview.
    He should be removed by the international community before he ruins the country.

  4. Mark Manning permalink
    July 28, 2009 12:55 AM

    SBS :-

  5. Frida permalink
    July 28, 2009 8:21 AM

    How can anyone listen to this man? He is so full of himself and by God the MH staff and who the hell was the woman speaking to the TV at wahleys? people should not go to where he goes? I feel like thowing up!!!

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