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Commissioner Teleni Methodist Mission Impossible

July 20, 2009

New to hand that Comish Teleni is dead scared of the upcoming standoff with the Methodist Church who are as resolute as Joske’s thumb to stick it up the regime’s ‘How’s your Father’ come next month.

Inside sources from Nasova say that their top rotund rogue cop has sent the Police Force’s officially appointed   Methodist Minister (not his brother Vulaono’s New Methodist bullshit ministry) on a hearts and mind campaign to convince fellow ministers not to back the Church’s stand to go ahead with the Bose ko Viti in Rewa next month. 

We say to the Comish Teleni the roque Cop of the century, getting your brother’s New Methodist to splinter the Methodist Church and now using the officially appointed Methodist Police Force’s Minster in such a politically vile and sinister way shows your convoluted evil intentions.

Just like you and your family did in worshipping the heathen traditional god Daunisai during the 80’s and 90’s. Sa gai tobo o Van Dam.    


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