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Ministers Back Church’s Stand

May 28, 2009

In an extraordinary meeting of the Ministerial members of the Methodist Church’s Standing Committee on Thursday 28 May, senior Ministers and Church officials have reaffirmed the stance that the Church must be steadfast in its role of being God’s instrument for God’s word, truth and justice, and that regardless of the threats cajolement and the cost, the Church has to stand up and continue to speak out for moral, spiritual and Christian values.

The meeting re-confirmed that Christ’s call for the holistic development of people is the foundation for the Church’s aspiration towards a sustainable and better living standard, a culture of peace, and good political governance. Given the current political crisis, the Church must be a voice of hope supporting the desire of people to escape from political oppression and uncertainty, the freedom of the poor from poverty, underdevelopment and marginalization so they may secure for themselves a better life.

The Thursday meeting was held following a threat from the military on the express orders of illegal Prime Minister Bainimarama, that the Church either withdraws its stand or the government will move to declare illegal the annual conference of the Church due to be held in Rewa in August. A senior Minister commented: “We have already given our life for Christ. If we are forced into a position of making a choice, we have no option; as the Church martyrs in Rome chose Christ over the emperor, we too must  do likewise.”

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  1. Mark Manning permalink
    May 28, 2009 5:05 PM

    Go to, Mark A Manning, facebook.

  2. Mark Manning permalink
    May 28, 2009 5:06 PM

  3. lastpolarbear permalink
    May 29, 2009 2:15 AM

    Could this be the fete of many who know too much about Frank ?

  4. far and wide permalink
    May 29, 2009 6:36 AM

    right on !!

    ‘Fiji Democracy and Freedom Movement’ .

  5. far and wide permalink
    May 29, 2009 6:52 AM

    what a great article.
    here it is again in direct print…

    Fiji’s ‘junta judges’

    PREJUDICE: Chris Merritt | May 29, 2009

    FEAR and loathing are reaching impressive new heights in Fiji after the most recent manoeuvres by that country’s dictatorship.

    By stripping the Fiji Law Society of the right to issue practising certificates, the military government has all the tools it needs to embark on a purge of that country’s lawyers.

    From the perspective of military strongman Frank Bainimarama, such a move would have a nice touch of symmetry.

    The stunning reappointment of Anthony Gates as the dictatorship’s chief justice indicates that it is quite prepared to engage in a purge of the judiciary.

    After sacking the entire judiciary, Bainimarama is now reappointing only those who are in the regime’s good books.

    So why wouldn’t the regime engage in a similar move against lawyers?

    Fiji is, after all, crawling with lawyers who are none too pleased about what the military is doing to their country.

    But before jumping to conclusions, it is worth focusing on the man who must take responsibility for these moves: attorney-general Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum.

    Those who know him say he is unlikely to be attracted to such a blunt method of achieving his goals. He sees himself as a far more subtle operator.

    So instead of engaging in a purge, Sayed-Khaiyum might be hoping to achieve the same goal by other means.

    A credible threat of a purge might be all he needs in order to encourage Fiji’s lawyers to toe the line. In many ways, this would be even more insidious than a purge.

    If the regime’s goal is to intimidate the Law Society and its members, the heavy-handed weekend raid on the Law Society’s offices begins to make sense.

    With burglar alarms screaming, the regime’s foot soldiers entered the Law Society’s offices on Saturday and removed every complaint file they could find about Law Society members. The burglar alarms were entirely appropriate.

    While the attorney-general’s tactics are worth watching, the most startling move was by Gates. By signing on with the dictators last Friday, Gates has removed all doubt about where he stands and has played into the hands of his critics.

    You can almost hear the staff of the International Bar Association in London shaking their heads as they mumble “we told you so”.

    Gates featured prominently in an IBA report that had criticised the rule of law after the 2006 coup. That report, in turn, has itself been criticised.

    Before the events of April 10, when the constitution was abrogated, Gates and the other judges who took office after the 2006 coup could at least argue that they held office under the constitution.

    Their sacking in April prompted widespread sympathy and expressions of concern from the Australian Bar Association — an organisation that had previously warned of the risks of accepting judicial appointments in Fiji.

    Because of the unconstitutional actions of the regime between the 2006 coup that brought Bainimarama to power and April 10, that argument had a few difficulties. But after April 10, it’s impossible.

    What happened on Good Friday was not quite a coup, but it marked a major departure from the previous order.

    It presented Fiji’s judges with a choice and it’s revealing to see how they have responded.

    Thomas Hickie, who was also criticised in the IBA report, was one of the three Court of Appeal judges who precipitated the Good Friday upheaval by ruling that the Bainimarama regime held office illegally.

    Hickie is back in Australia and will not accept office under the current arrangements.

    Before April 10 there were two types of judge in Fiji: those whose commissions pre-dated the 2006 coup and those who were disparagingly referred to by their critics as “junta judges”.

    After April 10, the debate about whether it was proper to take office after the 2006 coup has been overtaken by a much more clear-cut and important argument.

    Fiji’s judges still fall into two categories.

    But the dividing line is now April 10 and the divisions within the judiciary are much sharper. Those who swear to uphold the decrees of a dictator might be maintaining a form of order but that falls a long way short of the rule of law.,28124,25552548-17044,00.html

  6. Tim permalink
    May 29, 2009 8:29 AM

    @lastpolarbear: You should really keep in mind that the lastbipolarpig’s influence really only extends to some really stupid RFMF people, a few others that are only JUST beginning to work out what a pratt he is and that his strength only extends to the force of the RFMF. Anyone else that has knows of Frank and his achievements (including a fair few that have served alongside him) know exactly what a cowardly little pratt he is.
    He’s an evil bastard for sure (like the shithouse rat looking for a drain pipe to run up while the likes of Driti and others that have an almost kinky appeal for the slimy) watch his back.
    He’s dangerous but only to the extent that he doesn’t have the guts to stand on his own two feet, and NEVER has. He’ll get everyone else to do his dirty work for him but unfortunately there are a few that seem prepared to do that – probably cos they’ve effectivel been bribed.

    Hey by the way…….whatever happened to the NZ Greens and the NZ Maori Party “engaging” with Frank.
    Can we expect such an engagement any time soon?
    It would be entirely unproductive but if Locke of Sharples got the opportunity to “engage” one to one, Frank would probably die from shitting himself

  7. Tim permalink
    May 30, 2009 9:34 AM

    Reports that IG is Scratching to Find Salaries

    Reminiscent of the start of the coup when the junta were racing round stealing purchase orders from whereever they could?

    Hasn’t John Samy taught them ANYTHING?. Does he have to come and show them the step by step roadmap to stardom?

    Isn’t government supposed to be outsourced to John, Frank and his mates (anyone that’s stolen whatever wealth was left in the country).

    John John John, you forgot to sell them the basics!. So far it only seems the prison service is providing an earn and boy is it ‘efficient and effective’. The prison service only needs renaming to VB HoldingCorp or something similar.
    But bugger me! think of the potential. Justice and Bubba Corp
    Arts and Culture: LeweniCorp!

    John – it’s the mark of failure – these buggers were scrounging round more than two years ago pulling these really primitive stunts. Surely you could’ve taught them a few more tricks by now on the roadmap to facism!.
    Or is it that they’re just slow learners?
    Better rark up those appeasers and get ’em to engage before they lose ALL credibility. Frank and the crew desperately need some respecatability, and John: U da Man!

  8. IslandBoy permalink
    May 31, 2009 2:08 AM

    This morning the army has announced the indefinite cancellation of the Bose Ko Viti, the Annual Geneal Coneference of the Methodist Church, arguably the single largest gathering of indigenous Fijians anywhere, in any one year.


  9. Ropate permalink
    May 31, 2009 6:14 AM

    Will the Military compensate the Burebasaga people for the costs incurred in their preparation, planting of dalo, preparation of firewood, weaving of mats, doing up the villages in preparation for hosting various delegations. I bet their is a good case for a civil suit against the Military, but, oh. I forgot we do not have an independent judiciary at the moment

  10. Tim permalink
    May 31, 2009 7:15 AM

    “Fiji’s military regime has cancelled the annual conference of the Methodist Church of Fiji.

    A joint statement issued by the military and police, accused the church of trying to bring instability to the country.

    Police spokesman Ema Mua says the crackdown follows information that “inciteful issues were going to be discussed at the conference”

    The statement said the Methodist Church could not hide its involvement in politics and part of the agenda for the August conference focused on the current political situation”
    …from coup4.5

    Anyone else see how pathetic the last paragraph is?

    What about the RFMF’s involvement in politics – especially when its leader supposedly believes in dimokrissy.
    And how about the Police?

    This junta would be better served if they just owned up to wanting a dictatorship instead of pretending and playing victim. Maybe THEN people might ‘engage’ with them.

    At LEAST in a place like Fiji, the Methodist Church probably have a better right to speak out for Fijians than does the RFMF if we talking about representation. The Methodist church represents a fair few. All the RFMF (and now Police represent) are themselves, and they need the threat of violence in order to achieve that as well.

  11. IslandBoy permalink
    May 31, 2009 9:19 AM

    Sorry to digress folks but looking for urgent update on Ted Young and Pramod Rae, anyoen out there?

  12. IslandBoy permalink
    May 31, 2009 11:02 AM

    Tommorow morning all the senior Pastors of the Suva circuits wil have to appear at the Central Police Station for questioning.

  13. Isa Isa permalink
    May 31, 2009 11:21 AM

    I will follow our Talatalas to the Police Station

    Its time that we stand up and show support for the Methodist Church.

    It may mean not going to work and the i vavakoso turning up and start singing hyms, etc where our pastors are being intervied.

    I honestly believe that the Methodist Church is our last hope for a quick return to elections and democracy

  14. May 31, 2009 12:04 PM

    Why should they worship the false god Voreqe?
    Let Voreqe and his Satanites come and get them and face the wrath of the People in the Vanua. What is he going to do, bring his army into Lomanikoro Village? Burn the church? Arrest the Chiefs?

    He doesn’t have the Balls.

    Now is the time for the People of Fiji to simply stand up to him and ignore his various power mongering flatulations. Let samythief come riding in on a donkey to make the point about new prophets vs. old. Perhaps they can mount him back asswards and upwards to make the point.

  15. Green Army permalink
    June 1, 2009 8:10 AM

    Pramod is back in Fiji

  16. Navosavakadua permalink
    June 1, 2009 8:56 AM

    @Isa Isa

    I’m sure that there’s a lot of support for our church leaders but I think the Talatalas should simply pay no heed to requests like this. The police have no right under any law to demand that law abiding citizens turn up at police stations.

    This is an obvious attempt to intimidate and it’s best answered by refusing to be intimidated.

    The regime is running scared of the Methodist church and they are desperately seeking to give the impression of authority.

  17. EnufDictatorship permalink
    June 1, 2009 9:56 AM

    So true Navosavakadua…and that has to be the message relayed back to those who are called upon…the loser police force and military wankers can go and get them themselves if they want to question them.


    To God be the glory!!!!

  18. tualeita permalink
    June 1, 2009 10:04 AM

    This will be a true test of faith for the leaders of the Methodist Church and also for its members.

    If they will succumb to threats spewed out by Voreqe, then they will be fearing man and relying on the arm of flesh and not in the might of God through unwavering faith.

    But I am sure that the Methodist Ministers understand clearly that God is the ultimate solution to all problems hovering over our beloved land.

    True courage is not the absence of fear because fear is forever present in man, but it is in the power of love one has for his God and for his fellow beings by denying oneself whilst in the service and sacrifice for others.

  19. June 1, 2009 11:16 PM

    Sorry to go off-topic but someone in Aotearoa needs to put this chappy’s views into context:

  20. sosi camaiverata permalink
    June 3, 2009 2:19 AM

    The govt states that it will declare the annual Methodist Conference illegal. What a joke!!! Hey guys go and get some education. There is and there will be nothing illegal with something that is a normal events for the church; an event which brings every Methodists and Christians together from all around the world for the Annual Bazzar to raise funds for the church. Remember the money raised is to finance the annual church budget of which the operation of the church is financed.
    The Methodist Church, unlike other denominations which demands the contribution of TEITHS (10% of earnings) from members, relies entirely from the FREE WILL

  21. sosi camaiverata permalink
    June 3, 2009 3:25 AM

    The govt states that it will declare the annual Methodist conference illegal. What a joke!!! Hey guys go and get some education. There is and there will be nothing illegal with something that is a normal events for the church; an event which brings every Methodists and Christians together from all around the world for the Annual Bazaar to raise funds for the church. Remember the money raised is to finance the annual church budget of which to pay the Talatala and other administration costs. This event is essential for the church does not enforce the contribution of members though TEITHS (10% OF EARNINGS) but operates on the freewill offering of its members.

    Now that the Interim PM has stated that he will look after the church if it bows down to their request to cancel the annual solevu, it is a clear sign that :
    1) The PMs promise shows that he is in control of the finance and not an accountable authority. This is because the Operation cost of the church is not small and it is taxpayers money. I hope the church loyalty will not be bought that cheaply and they will remember that they are only accountable to a HIGHER AUTHORITY (GOD) and not the interim PM or anybody else in the world. The golden question would be , WHERE HE IS GOING TO GET THE MONEY FROM?, ARE THE TAXPAYERS AND THE PEOPLE GOING TO FOOT THE BILLS FROM ANOTHER DEVALUATION, HIGH COST OF LIVING OR WHO IS GOING TO PAY THE PRICE OF PURCHASING THE LOYALITY OF THE METHODIST CH AND ITS 400000 MEMBERS.
    2)It is a re-play of the story of Daniel in the bible when the King wanted to force Daniel and his friends to BOW DOWN and WORSHIP the great idol god. Its great that they didnot allow themselves to be intimidated. I hope the PADRE in the Military are giving the Commander and the army the wisest spiritual advice and that is to remember in the end only the truth will prevail. Right now sa matata sara tiko mai na matanimeke taucoko. Sa matailelevu na levu ni lasu kei na veivakalaboci e vakayacora tiko na matanitu vakaivalu oqo.
    E dodonu me kila na mataivalu ni na lotu e tu me valataka ka cakacaka taka na nona i tuvatuva kei na nona dodonu na kalou me vaka na dina ni nona vosa (SEGA NI CHARTER).
    Since you have decided to undermines God authority on its people to worship him truly, freely and spiritually, be prepared to face the consequences of your actions. Remember the curse that God implants to those who hurtts his spirits that dwells in the heart of his people does not only ends with you but will be with your future generations (WILIKA NA KEDRAI TALANOA NA AMALAKEITI).

    My advice to the Interim PM is to leave the church alone for it has the PHYSICAL support and loyalty of the people and the SPIRITUAL UNMEASURABLE AND UNCONQUERABLE POWER OF GOD which surpasses any authority on heaven and earth.

  22. Methodist recruit permalink
    June 3, 2009 5:06 AM




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