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From Cassandra’s Desk

February 16, 2009
No, dear readers, you have not misread the heading! I, Cassandra, implacable foe of our capricious dictator and his evil regime do truly believe that in Major Neumi Leweni we are blessed with a great communicator.
You see by harnessing Major Leweni’s special communication skills we can get a deliciously clear picture of what is REALLY happening in the dictator’s head.
Now, before you decide that your humble correspondent has gone bonkers, let him put his case. As you will see, it’s actually quite straight forward and involves taking three simple steps each time you read an article about the regime in the newspapers.
Step One: note the subject on which Major Leweni is sought for comment..
Step Two: note whether he’s available for comment.
Step three: if the reporter says he’s not available for comment, ask oneself, “way can’t he speak on this subject? What’s its importance to the dictator?”
Follow these three easy steps and, courtesy of the aforesaid Major, you will be able to tune into the secret recesses of that seething slime of psychotic sauce inside the dictator’s head (OK, so that’s not a precise medical term, but how else does one describe Frank Bainimarama’s tortured thought processes?).
Now, are we ready? Right, let’s apply the Cassandra three-step approach to a recent news item and see if we can produce a profound piece of information.
Here are excerpts from a Fiji Sun article of 5th February 2009. The subject is Fiji’s ongoing role in United Nations peacekeeping operations. Let’s see if Major Leweni has made himself available for comment and, if not, establish why.
“Aleem Siddique who operates under the office of the Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon said that since the December 2006 coup, there has been no increase in the number of Fijian troops participating in existing operations or any participation of Fijian troops in new UN operations established since that time.
“This position is consistent with the stance of the Security Council on Fiji, which has called for a prompt return to democratically-elected government,” Mr Siddique said. Earlier this week, the United Kingdom cancelled a planned British army recruitment drive scheduled for March and April..
Military spokesperson Major Neumi Leweni could not be reached for comment.”
So dear readers, what does that tell you? If you might allow your humble correspondent to give you a prompt, may I suggest you start thinking along the lines of what is the dictator really scared of?
Yes, that’s right! His biggest fear is that he will lose the loyalty of his own troops because without that loyalty he has lost the means to continue as dictator.
And what is more likely to erode the loyalty of rank and file RFMF than the certain knowledge they no longer have the prospect of deployment on UN peackepping duties and all the adventure, self esteem and financial reward that entails?
And, of course Major Leweni was never going to chance his hand on a subject so dangerously close to the dictator’s heart as this one. No way Jose!
Well, dear readers, has not you humble correspondent made an astonishing case in support of the motion that Major Leweni is indeed a brillient communicator?
So brilliant, in fact, that by saying nothing he can tell us everything!
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  1. IslandBoy permalink
    February 16, 2009 4:53 AM

    Cassandra – that is some scary shit, you must be one helluva brilliant chess players.

    I would have to be on a 2-day high to come up with stuff like that. As one liners go, that last one was a classic.

    You get the gold medal and everything else including the kitchen sink my friend. SWM blog ROCKS!!!!!

  2. February 16, 2009 6:31 AM

    Sa dina sar my Tau islandBoy.

    SWM blog rocks dina!

  3. Crack a code permalink
    February 16, 2009 7:18 AM

    4000 personal was supposed to be included in the rebuilding in Iraq from 2007-2010 if only the Fiji army commander Bainimarama could have hold his peace with SDL government.

    Fiji has lost a lot because of these one person.0

  4. Peace Pipe permalink
    February 16, 2009 10:29 AM

    Great one Cass. These psychos make good subjects for those studying psychology. Thereby we may just be able to get the answer to the coup culture. Its exactly as you said it now that you have opened a new angle for us to see it.

    Strange because I was trying to figure out where he was coming from when he said that people could still join the British Army even though the proper authorities the British High Commission said otherwise. He said we could still apply through the internet. Is he dumb or dumber to think most of us would believe this shit he is giving us. More cover ups.

  5. Peace Pipe permalink
    February 16, 2009 10:38 AM

    Wow just heard on the TV apologist D Urai is requesting $3m from the ipm to help his union members. He said his members are suffering financial difficulties due to the severe decline in tourism. So the truth is coming out. Whilst the i/minister and other tourism stakeholders are giving the lies about recoveries and pick up in arrivals the fact is just the opposite. More lies to cover up other lies.

  6. ex Fiji tourist permalink
    February 16, 2009 12:55 PM

    I agree PP.

    The fool urai said that some hotels have 0 occupancy.

    This is certainly going against the likes of seatoooo who thinks that a cruise ship visiting a port is going to help the hotels.

    perhaps if seatooo visited some islands where cruise ships land, he might find that the people on the islands actively talk about the terrible problems facing Fiji under a moronic military maladministration. The tourists see and hear of the illegal treatment of the indigenous people by the self serving military.

    The tourists are not impressed.

    Especially when there carved wooded ‘artifacts’ are confiscated in Australia by quarantine.

    Not even a ‘free’ holiday in Fiji at the moment would tempt tourists to venture in a military dictatorship .

    February 16, 2009 4:57 PM

    Hey casandra, why in yuor otherwise great piece on the demise of Fiji’s role in peace-keeping didn’t you mention that bainimarama is using the situation to set himself up with some mechanised units?? While hes trying to convince everyone that new equipment would open up more United Nations roles for our boys, he knows better than anyone else that there’s no furture for the FMF in peacekeeping work for as long as he remains in power. I know for a fact that this is UN policy. No casandra, the real reason frank is shopping around for tanks and APC’s is because he plans to stay in power for the long term. Just wait and see how long its going to be before hes off to china to do some deals with the peoples liberation army which preside over the biggest arms industry you ever seen….and why anyone in there right mind takes that idiot leweni seriously is completely beyond thinking about.

  8. Frida permalink
    February 16, 2009 10:18 PM

    Is urai still a member of the FNPF Board – I would say to him get some assistance to them to use their money while they are still alive but suffering because of mismanagement of our country. The pig cannot and should not have been allowed to use whatever money he wants to buy homes for his family.

  9. Corruption Fighter permalink
    February 17, 2009 6:21 AM

    I always think of Cassandra as the sugar coated pill. All very nice and sweet on the outside but some real powerful and bitter medicine on the inside.

    Cassandra, a great read and a great message. Vinaka buddy!

  10. Fiji Democracy Now permalink
    February 17, 2009 6:26 AM

    @ SWM and Cassandra: Great stuff! Keep it coming! Let’s hope that as many as possible in the RFMF get to read this piece. Their birthright as the loyal defenders of our glorious nation and their destiny as noble warriors for the United Nations, helping the world to be a better place, has been stolen from them by their treasonous and traitorous Commander, the dictator, Voreqe Bainimarama.

    @ Island Boy (first comment above): Too right it’s scary. Remember Cassandra’s piece about the Suva crim who thieved for the military? That was scary at the time. Now, we are wondering if it wasn’t John Samy!

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