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Why doesn’t he like what he IS?

February 15, 2009

 I found this article from fijiboardexiles.yuku about John Samy the architec of farter charter now the Pigs government and also I am trying to find a good picture of John Samy so I can add him to our coup supporters page so that history can remember him for what he tried to do to the Fijian people.Folks the charter as we all know is only good for the toilet.

 Why doesn’t he like what he IS? Someone should go back and check on his Marxist thesis at Sussex where he bashed Ratu Mara, the very same clan he is in bed with now. It is preposterous that a stateless migrant nomad opportunist like Samy should propose to rob Fijians of their name. No wonder he was taken off the Pacific Desk at the ADB and sent to Vietnam. Hijacking a name is expressly prohibited in the UN Declaration of Indigenous Rights.

A common name already exists. It is “Fiji Citizen”. Samy chooses to ignore this because he wants to destroy a People and everything they value as their own. It is the zero sum Malthusian theory of progress. The only way a starving dog gets ahead is by stealing the other dog’s bone. This latest move by the NCBIF (National Council for the Building of an Indian Fiji) is yet another strategy in the attempted destruction of the Fijian race. The Chfarter seeks to rob Fijians of their chiefly system, their land, their name, their economic institutions, and their political rights. Can the message be any clearer? These things are protected in the Constitution which the lead diasporics and bribed Judas Fijians now are trying their luck at ignoring.

What Samy has launched with the backing of power mongers like Voreqe and Chaudhry is nothing short of attempted ethnic and cultural “genocide”. Samy should be removed from Fiji and made “per Sona Non-Grata”. As Prime Minister Qarase says, these are all sensitive issues, and will no doubt be met with a stone wall from the Fijian community, but will that be enough to stop the steam roller which listens to no one, merely informs them,while the gun is pointed at them? There is no quick solution to ethnic unity besides that proposed by Sakeasi Butadroka, and that is an inhuman one.

 Robbing one group of their name is not a solution, it is an insult and divisive. Unity will come only with intermarriage, and if People are not ready for it they are not ready for it. What has carpetbagger Samy ever done to deserve any part of the word “Fijian” besides screw his secretary? Name Fijian Refers to Indigenous People of Fiji-Church Publish date/time: 05/08/2008 [17:10] The Methodist Church of Fiji believes that the name “Fijian” quite clearly refers to indigenous people of Fiji as stipulated in the Constitution. The Church said it has already made a submission to the Interim Government two months ago in which it said that everybody is God’s creation and one’s multiracial and multi ethnic differences reflects Gods purpose of unity in diversity. The Church said it does not agree that all the citizens of Fiji should be given the common name of “Fijian”.

 The SDL Party said it will be an insult to the indigenous Fijians if all Fiji citizens are called Fijians as recommended by the National Council for Building a Better Fiji. National Director Peceli Kinivuwai said this is a very sensitive issue and needs wider and proper consultation.

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  1. ex Fiji tourist permalink
    February 16, 2009 12:13 AM

    2 reports in the news this morning are awaiting comment.

    Firstly, slimy samy looks like his heist won’t disappear from the media like he and fullchow hoped.

    “””””from FijiSun
    Legal counsel for former head of the National Council for Building a Better Fiji’s technical and support secretariat John Samy has not received further word from police regarding his case.
    Nadi lawyer Faizal Koya has informed police that if there was any need for communication with his client, who has gone back to Auckland, they would have to contact him.

    “The police have interviewed him and he voluntarily gave his statement. Right now it is up to the authorities what the next development could be. I have asked them to keep me updated on the case,” said Mr Koya.

    Mr Samy was searched by Nadi police last week after a fellow passenger on a flight to New Zealand lost some papers and cash.

    However, Mr Koya said it was a complete misunderstanding and proper procedures had been followed by his client.

    He earlier said there was confusion over similar luggage.

    He denied reports that his client had reached a settlement of some sort with the complainant.

    He said he awaited further police reports on his client.”””””””””

    Secondly, in Australia, Mr Q is making good headlines as he moves amongst the Fijian communities in Australia.

    “””from News Ltd

    Fiji’s deposed Prime Minister has told a Brisbane meeting of Fijians based in Australia that his life remains under threat from the military-led government.

    Laisenia Qarase is visiting Australia to raise funds from supporters of his political party which was removed from power in the December 2006 coup.

    Mr Qarase went to court in Fiji to get permission to make this trip to Australia.

    At a public meeting at a Brisbane primary school hall he said the military-led interim government was ruling through fear.

    “I was warned by anonymous callers that I would be killed or thrown into jail,” he said.

    “There is an ever-present threat of the use of force against those opposed to what is happening.”

    The event began with a prayer by Methodist Pastor Peceli Viriki citing passages from the Bible.

    “Self-appointed leaders invite the wrath of God, not only to them personally but to the nation at large,” he said.

    The deposed Prime Minister said he remained hopeful political talks brokered by the United Nations and the Commonwealth would eventuate, but he said Commodore Frank Bainimarama’s behaviour was not encouraging for Mr Qarase’s political party, the SDL.

    “The regime speaks of an inclusive dialogue and then it threatens to exclude from the talks those like the SDL who have different views,” he said.

    “Their message is, ‘Agree with the regime, do what we say or else.'”

    Mr Qarase says the event is part of a fund raising trip.

    “We have mounted some very expensive legal cases in Fiji and we need that financial support,” he said.

    Mr Qarase wants other countries to adopt the travel bans Australia and New Zealand have on people associated with the interim government.

    “The other Pacific Island members of the Forum [will] be asked to impose a similar travel ban on personnel within the regime in Fiji,” he said.

    “The interim regime doesn’t like it because it is very effective.”

    Mr Qarase will go to Sydney on the next leg of his fund raising tour.””””

  2. February 16, 2009 1:38 AM

    The arrest of John Samy at the airport makes people think of the type of person who was chairman of the charter and his credentials whether is was a worthy of the position or he was there for the bucks.
    It seems these are the type of people who want to come in and make use of the system to their own advantage and then dissappeare.
    The same goes for Frank and his cronies a bunch of unreliable people who are there to fill their pockets.
    You should be ashamed of yourselves.

  3. Peace Pipe permalink
    February 16, 2009 1:53 AM

    Maybe it is an opportune time to refresh the ban list to include all the newly appointed no job opportunists and supporters who are town and city administrators. I kind of find it odd that Meli Bogileka of Ba should administer the town of Nasinu which is far far away from his home. Everything this ig do are ever so blatant and illogical.

    The list of contributors to the ipm flood appeal which is in Saturdays newspaper could also form a list of supporters for the regime.

    The ig can do anything now. After all they have gotten away with murder so everything else is small in comparison.

    It is just a matter of time they will be sucked in the enlarging sink hole they are creating for themselves. Look at the sugar industry it is getting sicker by the day with a sure sign of it when SCGC CEO left in frustration citing lack of funds and resources. The withholding of EU funding which was conditional on the holding of elections is one of the main causes of constrains. RBF has revised downwards its economic forecast for 2009. The walls of the card house is starting to cave in slowly.

    Hope Qarase gets some sucess in his efforts to raise funds. SWM do you have plans in this area since this is a possible avenue of restoring democracy in Fiji.

  4. Mark Manning permalink
    February 16, 2009 1:54 AM

    Does anyone know Samy’s background from India , what caste does he supposedly belong to , i say supposedly , because no one should be treated that way . All men were created equal under his name and Samy is no exception . In other words , has he no identity because he has allowed someone to brand him a certain caste ?
    I saw a good report the other day on SBS about the new India and the people who cremate the bodies in India , they are considered the lowest caste . The report also mentioned how corrupt the politicians were , how ashamed Gandhi would be were he alive now , how down trodden most Indians are and it also reported on the theft of land from that particular caste , despite the fact that the Government had ruled in their favour . It was reporting on the inequities within the Indian Society , the greed and corruption of the elite and basically , man’s inhumanity to man .
    And i thought to myself , is this how Fiji will end up as no one seems to be doing anything to challenge the I.G. and the murderous thugs backing Frank and Co.
    It took a bunch of women and old men to march in protest for their Legal rights to overcome the injustice of having their land stolen from them . But the government only promised to look into their claim because there were cameras there !

  5. Mark Manning permalink
    February 16, 2009 2:11 AM

    Shows a stuffed economy , confirms Mr Qarase as the legitimate and current Prime Minister , shows the $ value going back to 2005 rates compared to the U.S $ and suggests an increase and possibly complicity in human trafficking for sexual exploitation of Chinese , Indian and Fijian women and Children :-
    So Frank was right , he is definitely taking the country forward , forward to the abyss !

  6. Free Fiji permalink
    February 16, 2009 2:25 AM

    I have been working on knew look coup supporters page on the website..I will be needing more names and pictures with it will be very nice.Thanks
    To those who are new here go to and into the registration page to register if you to help restore democracy in Fiji.

  7. crack the code permalink
    February 17, 2009 6:13 AM

    I just found out that Slippery Sami the Authour of the farter charter is from the lowest cast in India called the untouchables,he found an opportunity to promote himself or the lower cast in Fiji(Indians) thru the Pig(Vore the coup leader) who is also a lower cast himself and after so many bickering he sacked the Great Council Of Chiefs and promote the lower cast to be members of the GCC.
    Sadri yani.

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